Official Google Reader App Quietly Hits Android

We’ve waited for more than two years for this day. Google officially rolled out their RSS Reader application to Android handsets on Monday yet we had not seen anyone cover it. It’s crazy too, because we know tons of people who have pined for this app forever!

Rather than dropping a simple app with basic features (unread counts, friends, sharing, liking, starring) into the Market, Google opted to add some nifty options to the app. Among the goodies are support for multiple accounts, sync preferences, search, and the ability subscribe and search from the handset. In typical Google fashion, they have added easter eggs harder to discover features to the app which include  volume-key navigation, long pressing options for folders, and a send feature to share with other Android apps!

Via: PointGPhone

  • Finally!!!

  • German Forum

    I can’t find it in the marketplace. Is there a QR code somewhere for it?

  • Chahk

    No offline mode = instaFAIL!

    I mean what’s the point of this app if I can just as well go to and do the same thing there? Just for management? Who really does that on the move?

    • SirSteven

      totally agree. recently switching from iPhone, I’m missing the abundance of gorgeous RSS apps on iOS (Reeder, Byline), and am not best pleased with either 3rd-party NewsRob or gReader. makes me wanna switch back to iOS next year, if i can’t even get a decent, nice-looking RSS app on Android (and, to make it worse, Google themselves can’t even be arsed to do it).

  • Sadly nowhere near as good as Newsrob. No apps2SD, No Widget, No Day/Night mode. Sticking with NR Pro.

    • Big advantage it has over NewsRob: you don’t have to give out yr Google login/password to a 3rd party.

  • Mark Hirano

    Exactly, Guy. I agree.
    NewsRob Pro is much better than this.
    Good for a version 1, I have to admit.

  • Thanks for the heads up (Android)Guys!

  • chris

    Can you guys (ie. androidguys) start using a qrcode? This is the second app today that I’ve been unable to find in marketplace via search. Makes me not want to bother.

  • Rod

    They should have purchased NewsRob. They’ve been a beneficiary of NewsRob’s service. They even ripped features from it. I find it distasteful that they step on others and spit on the hand that feeds them.

    • Larry

      Hahaha where would NewsRob be without riding on Google Reader’s coattails in the first place.