December 21, 2014

Google HK Video Tips Gingerbread Aesthetics [VIDEO]

A week old Google HK video on Google Voice Search provides our best look to date as to what the tweaked user experience from Gingerbread should be like.  We’ve heard plenty about a green tint that is said to be found throughout the interface but we’ve not seen much on it.  Take a look at the pictures below and you’ll just what that green looks like and how it’s used. I’ll reserve final judgment until I see this in my hands, but the video gives me the impression that it might lean a little too heavily on the color.  Other subtle changes I noticed are a new browser icon and the more squared off menus.

So, based on what you see, what are your thoughts?  Digging it or is it too “mint” for you?

Thanks to all of you who passed this along to us.

  • MEvo

    Looking at all that green makes me want to go recycle

  • Silke

    The video has been removed :)

  • Alex
  • Zero

    Fc the video has been removed.

  • Zero

    those icons are so boring.

  • mediumnog

    whatever, the ui is pretty much the same, what’s the big deal?

  • Jay Lean

    Ewww that’s too much green going on… Hope not!

  • MJ

    watch it here: