Photoshop Disasters: BlackBerry Torch 9800 Running Android


Check out this Photoshop disaster from a French retailer named Phoneo which shows a BlackBerry Torch running a very Droid-like OS.  It’s one thing to put the wrong version of Google Maps on a device.  It’s something entirely different to show a competing platform instead.  Maybe the guy who was commissioned to simulate the phone screens is an Android fan.  The more likely scenario is that he just does QA his stuff or employ someone (Phoneo, maybe?) to do that for him.  Unfortunately, the poor sap might not get any more smart phone work as his name is listed at the bottom of the brochure being put in mailboxes.

Thanks for the tip, Edouard!

  • Ridokilos

    I loled.

  • Theweakend

    It’s an abomination! We must put out out of it’s misery.