The Sony Zeus/PSP Phone Running Gingerbread in the Wild?

Like most things in the tech world, my opinion of the Playstation Phone has been reserved until I could see a working model and touch it. The phone could be a giant flop, like most gaming phones in the past, or it could be a huge success. Given Sony Ericson’s previous Android phone attempts, I am skeptical. The guys at apparently got their hands on one of the field demos of the phone, and were able to shoot a Mr. Blurry Video.


If it’s really running Gingerbread, as the original story on suggests, it seems like Sony has their act together with this phone. It’s an impressive looking device, and the menu transitions look really smooth. I am certainly more excited about getting one of these in my hand soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Depending on who you listen to, we could be seeing an announcement next week or come February.

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  • Scmo

    I want to know what carrier is this phone going to? Hopefully tmobile

  • Bravoleader231

    I hope it’s att