1 Million Galaxy Tabs Later, Samsung Increases 2010 Estimate by 50%

Two months after it first debuted and barely a month since its stateside arrival at T-Mobile, Samsung is celebrating one million Galaxy Tabs shipped. Just two weeks ago, the hardware maker was reporting 600,000 Tabs with expectations of the million mark. As if it were a bad problem to have, Samsung has had to recalculate their estimates and is now forecasting upwards of 1.5 million by the end of the year. The pocket friendly size has helped kick of the Android-based tablet market and can be found on more than 120 carriers around the world. Congratulations on the success of both this Tab and your Galaxy S series, Samsung!

Source: Fortune

  • Scmo

    Congrats to samsung, they put out a great product and now they will enjoy the success of it. When they come out with the nexus S that should significantly boost their sales as well.