50% of Smartphones Sold Last Quarter in China Running Android

Chinese consumers purchased 8 to 10 million smartphones last quarter, up from an estimated 2 to 3 million in the same period last year. And according to Morgan Keegan analyst, Tavis McCourt, the bulk of them ran Android.

Digital Daily tells us that throughout 2010, the Chinese mobile market was led by Symbian and Windows Mobile, but it seems that has changed, and looking into 2011, Android has secured a huge spot in their market.

Oddly enough, in 2009, there were zero Android phones sold in China, and now, fifty percent of smartphones sold are running our little green friend’s OS.

The site also mentions that with the release of the iPhone 4, there may be an increase in Apple sales in China, but prior to Wi-Fi capable 3Gs or the iPhone 4, the Chinese didn’t take too well to it.

What do you think?  Any of our readers in China sporting an Android?

  • cashless

    It’s likely that these Chinese Android phones will never be properly accounted for due to Google integration being illegal. Google will have no idea how many activations are happening in China since they’re done by Baidu.

    A friend in Shanghai just told me that Android phones are everywhere there and she wouldn’t get one because they too common. Funny.

  • Because the Android OS is a open source, there’s no requirement to use it 🙂


    “in 2009, there were zero Android phones sold in China”? Actually there were some Android phone already saled in 2009, like HTC G2 and HTC Hero. It’s not sure for the sale result but of course that should not be zero.

    In this year Android phone are everywhere in China, lots of manufacturer even for local manufacturer also product this phone. Although iPhone4 let it has a little bit drop down, but it will secure a huge spot in their market again.