Two Android UI’s to Get You Over Your TAT Withdrawl [VIDEO]


As we learned yesterday, The Astonishing Tribe has packed up their Android bags and headed off to RIM.  We had been anxiously awaiting some new things from TAT, but it appears we might not see them come to fruition.  So what are we supposed to look forward to now?  The folks over at AndroidPolice have an interesting article about a new UI for Android that looks pretty awesome.  Called Kite UI, it redefines the user experience when interacting with your phone.

This is still just a concept idea, but if you check out the video, you’ll see just how much potential this UI may have.  The project is looking for developers to help with the coding to help take the idea out of the concept stage.  Let’s hope we can see this become a reality.

Think you’ve got the coding know-how to help speed this on its way to reality? Send a PM to Liquidice over at XDA-Developers.

Another fantastic looking UI that shows promise is the Slick UI. Created as a homescreen-replacement launcher with more functionality, we’re drooling over the images and videos the developers are teasing us with. From what we can gather, it’s plenty customizable and has loads of slick, sexy polish.

Features include:

  • Support for tags
  • Side-swiping withing the drawer
  • Re-arrange your apps within the app-drawer
  • Powerful and stylized widgets
  • Theme-support


  1. Well… after thinking I’ve gone crazy and re-reading the post about 7 times looking for the second…. What’s the deal? Maybe they meant to add SlickUI?

  2. looks heavy and blocky .. reminds me of iCrap.
    That rotating ‘selector’ just adds two extra taps to get where you want to get. If you want an optimized customizable interface, just get CyanogenMod. It allows more screen space by adding columns and rows, removing app labels, expanding the power panel etc..
    I would suggest anyone adding taps to the screen .. so users can create their own popup app drawers to organize apps better .. like “players” “utilities” etc…

  3. looks like the only thing that is done is the concept photos and videos. I don’t believe coding has even started on this project according to the forum post at XDA.