Gameloft Gives Android Users Some Dungeon Love

Get your head out of the gutter, I don’t mean that kind of love.  Gameloft via their twitter account announced today that they are giving away Dungeon Hunter to Android users for free as part of their Advent Calendar gift run that is currently going on.

I applaud Gameloft on this promotion they are doing, it is always good to give users free apps, but do they have to make it so difficult?  Gameloft is notorious for the licensing policy that they have put in place for Android, a policy that is glaring even with this free giveaway today. After seeing the twitter announcement, I of course fired up the Vibrant to get the title and see how the game played so I could relay the info to you.  Upon getting to the GameLoft page where you can begin the download process (not through the Market of course, sorry AT&T users), I went to select the Vibrant in the list of devices.  When I did that, the free download link disappeared!  I had to tell Gameloft that I had a Droid to get the link to send my mobile number a text message.  I am happy to say that from that point, everything went the way a gameloft title goes.  Download an .apk, install, then download another 181 MB of data to run the game.

As far as the game itself, it is a pretty nice title!  I played it for about twenty minutes before writing, and the initial reaction I had to it was positive.  Great graphics, some solid game concepts and pretty good entertainment value.  I would say that it feels like a cross between Gauntlet, Diablo and WOW.  (WOW as far as the execution of attacks, spells etc.) I have to give Gameloft some credit for giving away a title that actually has some value, and is not a throwaway.

Putting the issue of the method of delivery aside, kudos to Gameloft for giving Dungeon Hunter away.  Go check it out and let us know what you think.

  • Might be worth noting that I had to set my browser agent to “Android” instead of “Desktop” for the link in the text message to work. When set to Desktop it allows you to find your model, but then it takes you to a page to buy the game, with no link to the free version.

    Gotta say I’m not thrilled with the distribution model, but hey, free HD game!

    • And I can’t download over 4G? Options are WiFi and 3G, when I have my 4G connection running the app doesn’t detect my data connection. I’m very confused why it would only support one type of mobile data connection… 130mb over 3G is a lengthy process…

      Another strike, but hey, free HD game!

  • Chris

    Anyone else have an (non-technical) issue with the game asking for sms permissions?

  • Donovan

    Evidently the Advent Calendar thing isn’t available on the G2 or the Nexus One, according to Gameloft’s last tweet.


  • Brie987

    This just does NOT work. 🙁 Vibrant Tmobil

  • gregory

    NOt working at all on my mytouch 4G =(

    Please someone help me out, i would like to try this game out!!

  • AndGuy

    Went directly to the site with my N1 and website detected as N1, but downloaded file for Milestone. Installed fine and downloaded the additional data fine. When I try to run the app just crashes with no FCs.

    Why would you make a HD game that won’t run on an N1 or G2??? Fail

    I want my money back!…oh wait… 🙂

    • AndGuy

      Just saw…expand that list to include MT4G and Vibrant of phones not supported.

  • DroidUser

    Tried to play this on Droid 1. Dumps to homescreen constantly. Can’t play for more than 2 mins before it crashes.

  • andrew

    This works fine on the nexus one. Just picked the first phone on the drop down list and got a text, downloaded from the link fine and works. Thanks for the info.

    • AndGuy

      I take back my previous comments about it not working on the N1. I had to reinstall the game 4 times but finally was able to get it to work.

      @andrew – thanks for the hope to try it one more time 🙂

  • With most Gameloft games you can download the demo from the market, and then upgrade it from within the game. That will get around the website BS. Unfortunately, doing so doesn’t make this one free.

  • dylan murphy

    ive tried to get this several times today on my htc incredible, when i click my phone model it shows a picture of some racing game for free instead, when i finally get the text, the link says unable to id phone, once i go through all that, it brings me to a page with a bunch of games i can buy, but no free game … why the hell is this so complicated? please help!

  • cloudmatt

    I clicked the link in the tweet, downloaded the .apk. installed fine downloaded the additional files. N1 froyo 2.2.1 stock. It plays fine. I see other posts saying it didn’t work. Maybe they had a Rovio/getjar style problem. I did grab it less than an hour from their tweet. Up side for those having issues gameloft is extending the offer 24 hours. It’s a good game to.

  • Scmo

    I got this game to work on the mytouch 4g! First click on the link, when it denies you the ability to play it I told it manually I had a htc nexus one so it sends me the link. Downloaded fine, works on 4g speeds or wifi to download. Easier than I thought. Hope this helps someone

  • Dave

    And why exactly does this thing need so much access to my SMS system, send create, modify??

    Are all Gameloft games this invasive?

    • Ragflan

      I think the SMS thing is just so they can fetch your device IMEI so that you won’t be able to download the free APK and willy nilly send it to someone else. Educated guess but I might be wrong. I hope someone has a better answer if mine isn’t right.

  • recluse

    No good for dell streak