Get Yourself a New Tab….in the Market That Is


Our friends over at Android Central are reporting that the Android Market has add some new functionality added in quietly to handsets running Foryo recently. (Image credit for the two screens goes to them as well).  If you look closely at the images to left, you will see two screen shots showing a new tab that allows you to find similar or related apps.  We assume both tabs do the same thing, allow users to find apps that are the same type as the one they are browsing.

I was unable to see this new tab on my Vibrant (I have a Froyo ROM on said device), but other people are reporting to have seen the addition.  If you have a Froyo device, let us know if you have seen the new tab appear. It’s exciting to see some movement in the Market, with a possible update release coming soon!


  1. Yay thought this would work and it did.

    Go to manage applications in the settings, force stop market, clear data

    Open market, wait for load, go to downloads

    worked for my FroYo Vibrant

    (it will ask you to re accept the terms)

  2. Not Froyo only, it seems – it just appeared on the Market of my X10 mini running 2.1

    Nice to get something before other people for a change, after the wait for 2.1 😀

  3. Works great on Captivate w/ Cognition rom.

    Nice feature, appbrain has had it for a while but it’s nice to see market catching up.

  4. All you have to do is go to Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage applications>Market , (you might have to hit the “all” tab first) and then clear data on the Android Market app. Re-launch it, and you should have the “Related” or “Similar” tab.
    courtesy of

  5. I have it using Droid X running 2.2, but the only problem is
    is when I have ever clicked on tbe “similar” tab IT HAS ALWAYS
    Has quit working” etc. Have tried it at least 20 times all with different apps.

  6. Noticed it yesterday on my Moto Droid and the nice thing is now the stuck install has finally cleared and the app it was stuck on has updated. When I tried to kill it in the previous version of the market, the market would force close. Even a reboot didn’t fix the issue. Glad to see some changes/fixes in the Market.