US-Based Android shares slowing down, and near-even with iPhone

While Android is still growing, the fall showed a slight decline according to comScore data.  It only climbed 2.1 percent over the past month, which is still growth, but not as much as before.  Apple managed to hold off Google for the month as it was the only other phone platform maker to gain share. It moved up 0.8 percent to get 24.6 percent of the American market and keep its second-place position. Continued strong iPhone 4 demand matched with better supply may have played the largest role.  The guys over at RIM (Blackberry) continued to decline, and Samsung still showed a lead at 24.2%.

Thanks to the guys over at electronista for the info!

  • Andy

    “only climbed 2.1 percent” is harsh! In an expanding population, a single %age requires ever increasing numbers of users.

    From Sep to Oct ComScore counted 2M new smartphone users (60.7M from 58.7M). If Android was 21.4% and increased to 23.5% then that must be 12.6M users growing to 14.3M users. Or about 1.7M new users in a month! Thats likely the majority of recent sales (although if RIM/MS/Palm keep shrinking that means smartphone sales must be made up of both new users and switching users – so overall sales would have been more than 2M).

    Android should overtake Apple in share in ComScore’s next report unless there are weird trends due to Xmas shopping.