NotionInk Hinting at Gingerbread Announcement Next Week

One Android-based device we’re getting more excited over as the day pass is the Adam from NotionInk.  Expected to drop as early as next week, the tablet features a Tegra 2 processor, 10.1-in screen, 1GB memory, and HDMI output among other goodies. In an effort to keep the hype needle moving forward, the NotionInk blog has been busy as of late, teasing things like the mail application and web browser.  

The latest blog post, from today, provides hints as to a potential Android announcement for December 6th.  These guys have been working on the Adam for more than a few months now, spending intimate time with the  Tegra chip and its possibilities.

There were 4 areas where we felt Android was infringing few patents and stayed away from using those, and implemented our own methods. Seems like we were correct and our portfolio just expanded a little because of this…6th December is another big day for Android and you will find out how fast Notion Ink can work. (Eden is extremely compatible with 2.3)

Could Monday be the day we see the anticipated Gingerbread announcement?  We can’t say for sure, but the window of “next few weeks” is getting smaller all the time.  And just how is it that Notion Ink is so familiar with Gingerbread’s workings anyhow?

  • TareX

    I hope that coincides with the ability to pre-order a quad-band 3G, Orion-equipped Nexus S already…. Nexus S must launch with Gingerbread’s announcement….

  • Prantha

    I hope that we will be able to get our hands on an Adam soon.

    I am so excited about this! I already asked Santa for one.

  • PW

    I have to say, I’m concerned about the bits of Android that they “stayed away from using”… That may cause all sorts of issues (Fragmentation, anyone?). As a dev, I’ll have to wait and see the fallout. If Google brings a reference tablet to market and the Adam requires additional work-arounds because they (NI) didn’t use Android’s default behaviors, I imagine they’ll become a niche market with relatively few devs bothering to port their “pure” Gingerbread/Honeycomb apps over. You’ll have some Adam developers, sure… but not the massive numbers that more “pure” Android platforms will have.

    NI wasn’t specific about what they “stayed away from”, so it may not be _that_ drastic… but until they show more of their cards, my excitement for the Adam is extremely muted. I’ve gone from a “I’ll pre-order one as soon as they let me.” to “I’ll wait a few months and consider getting one from one of the 2nd or 3rd production runs”.

  • TareX

    Notion Ink was a concept that was born at a different time, when Tegra 2 was super exciting, and when Android needed heavy customization to be tablet friendly…

    To be honest, Notion Ink has 2-3 months of market life ahead of it to make astronomical sales, before it gets killed off by the Optimus Pad, Moto’s Pad, Samsung’s next tab, and all the Honeycomb dual-core tablet coming spring 2011.

  • hazydave

    There’s no evidence the Adam will be “killed” by any of the forthcoming tablets. After all, the Tegra 2, while not as interesting as some of the other year-or-so-off chip announcements now that it’s real, is still way more interesting than anything actually yet shipping in a tablet. And LG’s using it in the Optimus — so it’s other features and price to compare, there, not the SOC. The one big success, the Galaxy Tab, may be a minor improvement over the iPad, but it’s still fairly boring compared to Tegra 2… less than half the performance, to start with.

    And there’s no spec yet on what, if anything shows up in a Motorola tablet… could be underwhelming. Samsung’s not necessarily pushing out a new tablet any time soon.

    Of course, it’s not just the NI Adam that’s been MIA.. there were half a dozen Tegra 2 and other Android tablets shown off at last January’s CES, which have yet to materialize. And when it comes right down to it, most will have similar internals, and the success will largely be based on other things. For example, the display… I don’t have any use for a table without the Pixel Qi or some similar display that works in bright sunlight. Or a tablet without all-day battery, or without USB and memory slots, or without an HDMI output. Others may demand a certain screen size, or something thinner than the iPad (seems to be where LG is going… I don’t want that, but I’m happy to see it, since it’ll piss off Steve Jobs).

  • The nook color is so responsive. I wonder what’s in that? If it has a gpu, then that’s my next Android device.

    Google’s 2.2X-only apps are the only dissapointing thing that I miss. This isn’t fragmentation per se. C? Unix? Now those are framented. Try to run a Solaris binary on OSX!

    What we have in the Android world is similar to the early days of DOS. IBM and M$ co-owned the OS. M$ took it upon themselves to box-it-up and sell it, while IBM only supported their own hardware. What we need in the Android-world (yes, I am going there) is a Microsoft! We already have the carriers playing the part of IBM. We need someone to keep the public interface to Android intact, but to create a plugin interface for the hardware, and to sell it!

    The last time that I checked I was holding a Unix workstation with a Java UI. Google and Verizon seem to think it’s a phone.