Playstation Phone (Zeus Z1) Caught on Video, This Time With a More In-Depth Look

It looks like the Internets has stumbled across two new Playstation Phone videos! The device looks to be the same as we’ve seen time and time again, but these videos give us a pretty decent look at the software. It seems to be running stock Gingerbread, but what is highly notable is the Playstation app that is in the launcher. There is a small video showcasing the app, but unfortunately, there are no games to be seen.

Sony seems to be getting their act together as far as Android goes. Releasing this phone with Gingerbread already is a huge step for them, especially since they are having a hard time getting their X10 to Android 2.1. Is this a device you would consider purchasing?



  • poiraver

    i would so buy it, i’m a big time gamer and i never like playing games on a touch screen this phone solves all than. AND IS PLAYSTATION!!

    • Theweakend

      If they keep the vanilla android there is no doubt I’m getting either. I’m placing my money on $600 any takers?

      • Spencer

        It’s not vanilla android now… It has a ui called zeus on it. For example, look at the notification bar, it is not whit like 2.2 and below nor is it the same black as in 2.3 and up.

        • Liquidgeek

          if you look really good at the first video it is running gingerbread. maybe well hopefully it is vanilla. I’m definitely getting this.