Sprint Releases Epic 4G Froyo OTA

Well, this is unexpected. We’re getting word that Sprint Epic 4G owners are receiving an OTA update to Froyo. There were no leaked documents in memory that indicated today being the release date. Note that this isn’t some leaked ROM that a dev cooked up. This is the official update, the real deal. I have to tip my Android Beanie to Sprint on this one. They managed to quietly get Froyo out to their Galaxy S device before any of the other carriers. Bravo, Sprint. If you have an Epic 4G, keep your eyes open for that OTA update notification. And if you’ve already gotten it, let us know what you think. Is it faster? Slower? Do you wish you were still on 2.1? We look forward to your comments.

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  1. Keith
    December 05, 20:37 Reply

    Nice…..except now my GPS stopped working!?

    • Bo
      December 05, 20:41 Reply

      Keith, your gps NEVER worked, you just didn’t know it. Many people who have ideal conditions think it works properly but in all actuality they are just lucky enough to have the ‘right’ conditions which keeps it from showing up. Pretty common problem. Often times an update or cache clearing will make the gps not work ‘anymore’

      • Mike
        December 05, 20:44 Reply

        Where are you guys located, no update on my phone yet??

        • Bo
          December 05, 23:54 Reply

          the ota update was released for dev phones. If you don’t have hardware version .4 (menu/settings/aboutphone), you prob won’t be getting this version ota. doesn’t matter where you live.

      • Keith
        December 08, 15:11 Reply

        Well all I know is that immediately after installing froyo2.2 it stopped working and it worked great before. I have tried google maps, sprint nav, and gps tool. Will not pick up any satelites no mater how clear the day and says searching for satelites for an hour. So… I wish it was just that simple, I just need a fix or find out hoe to go back to 2.1 simply and without loosing everything.

  2. kc
    December 05, 21:36 Reply

    anybody know when it will be available in NY ?

  3. Dennis
    December 05, 21:43 Reply

    My GPS has always worked for me. Even in my travels to Texas. I have yet to find a link to anyone saying they have gotten an OTA update. All have been manuals ones. A tech on the sprint site has posted that 2.2 has not been released yet so do not get your hopes up yet. Maybe all this hype will speed up the release.

  4. The regis
    December 05, 21:53 Reply

    somebody run bench mark i want to see the gains

  5. Frank Z
    December 05, 22:09 Reply

    I don’t think this is the real deal.t The only phones that got the OTA were one with a hardware version endind with .4 ,these are test phones. Every production Epic is a .5 phone. You can check your version by looking at (about phone) in the settings menu.

    Bluethooth dialing and Media Hub are broke in Dk28 and on my phone at least GPS is fixed. I just got 8 out of 11 satallites using GPS toolbox. I’ve never even got a lock before today.

    • Bruno T
      February 22, 15:00 Reply

      I have a .5 hardware build and my phone updated last night. It is working well except it will not recognize artist or album on my music files……..Help?

  6. cypher
    December 05, 23:24 Reply

    I do just want to point ou that you can manually apply the update too (just google it) and if you’re rooted like me, you’ll have to. I’m running it now, rooted, and no major issues so far.


  7. Johnny
    December 05, 23:25 Reply

    I got it using that manual method. And it was awesome! Just remember to hard root your device right after. :) and now I’m in group heaven. I’m a happy man technologically speaking. Lol

  8. jared
    December 05, 23:32 Reply

    Seems like the are some major bugs. My 3g connection is extremely slow and it has this thing occasionaly where the phone keeps vibrating every few seconds. I have less bars. I installed it manually.

  9. mike
    December 05, 23:59 Reply

    I have done the update manually and now.I can’t listen to my music or use my camera. Anyone else runing into these problems?

    • Kris
      December 06, 14:09 Reply

      I too am having problems with my camera after running a manual update.

    • Mikey
      December 14, 11:51 Reply

      Do a factory reset and the camera and music playes should work. The GPS probably still will not. I had/have the same issues.

  10. alfie
    December 06, 00:12 Reply

    I love it. GPS locks instantly! All around great update!

  11. joel
    December 06, 00:18 Reply

    I am having issues sending messages with wifi enabled. Also auto rotation seems to run a little choppy, other than that it seems to run great!

  12. AllYourLulz
    December 06, 00:44 Reply


    All of your lulz belong to me. If you didn’t get it OTA then stop kidding yourself it’s obviously not the build that sprint wants you to have. It may work, but there are going to be people out there who are going to have issues. Just wait the extra time if you haven’t already messed around with your phone, we’ve already waited 3 months lol.

    btw did anyone see big ben’s nose get smushed? lulzy

  13. Shaza
    December 06, 08:45 Reply

    i have applied the update manually and i have not seen any of these problems with my phone(never rooted). Just update it back using the sprint upgrade utility tool and with the original firmware apply the new update and there you will have a non glitch 2.2 FROYO on the epic 4g

  14. dc
    December 06, 10:08 Reply

    waiting for the public release

  15. CraigL
    December 06, 12:31 Reply

    manual 2.2 was easy, but GPS consistently fails (almost no issue with 2.1).

    How do I go back to 2.1 to confirm whether issue is with the manual 2.2?

  16. Activeskies
    December 06, 15:33 Reply

    I don’t think this is the real deal (manual update), my GPS is crap now

    • CraigL
      December 06, 16:29 Reply

      If this is the same as the OTA will be, then the sprint world will be screwed by really crappy/worthless gps.

  17. Harry
    December 08, 06:57 Reply

    Good post… keep up your work… I enjoyed it.

  18. Dave
    December 08, 21:47 Reply

    GPS not working at all. Used to work quickly, now doesn’t find any satellites at all.

  19. ED
    December 11, 05:58 Reply

    my GPS is not working now… :(

  20. AD
    December 15, 17:58 Reply


  21. eminem
    December 16, 11:53 Reply

    I’m getting real mad…I want my 2.2 update….and 4g is not in detroit bullshit!!! Advertise for what fuc you sprint!

  22. anon
    December 20, 07:11 Reply

    Still no ota froyo update on stock customer samsung s epic 4g. Wondering at all if it will hit prior to new year. Likely jan or feb release due to customer support requirements of major release. Sucks.

  23. crashl33t
    February 22, 17:29 Reply

    so… i have hardware .5 and i receive the OTA update.

    now my phone is having issues reading my SD card. fml

  24. jasonhavens
    March 25, 16:30 Reply

    I finally received my Android 2.2 (Froyo) update on my Sprint Galaxy S (“Epic”). It seems to work very well, including GPS. I was relatively pleased using the older version of Android because the Google — especially Google Apps — integration is why we purchased these phones. I hope that Sprint becomes more efficient in testing and rolling out Android updates. Overall, though, they’ve worked well. We even use the Sprint TV and/or YouTube access to play cartoons for our boys when we don’t have a DVD player.

  25. Travisstdmn
    March 25, 17:25 Reply

    I just received 2.2.1 Froyo on my Epic and to me it does seem a bit faster. I haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it, but when I do I’ll be back here and let you all know how I feel then.

  26. Usawriter
    March 25, 20:51 Reply

    Just got 2.2 this afternoon. The other Epic 4G in our house rec’d the update quite a while ago, but as I understand, Sprint stopped sending it because of reports the 10% of their users experience some kind of problems.

    My app icons changed color; Mesenging dialog turned into dialog blurbs or box – easier to read; my Alarm icon disappeared! Oh ya, I had an alarm set!

    I think the reponse time may be a fraction of a second slower to launch an app…?

    What am I missing?

  27. Hsuki157
    March 25, 22:22 Reply

    Froyo is NOT cool. It is incredibly bug ridden actually. It’s laggy, gps still doesn’t locate well, the slide for screen birghtness is not as responsive, vibrate intensity does not work, batter drains faster, call log also includes msgs sent and received, loading screen flickers, man the list goes on and I just received OTA yesterday. Majorly disappointed wish I could yell at someone! Gimme mt 2.1 back!

  28. bklyngirl
    April 14, 18:59 Reply

    For anyone who hasn’t received/updated their phones….DON’T.

    The new upgrade is a piece of shit…totally screwed my phone up!!! Sprint had to send me a refurbed replacement (which pissed me off!), but at least it has the old firmware on it.

    Now I keep getting a notification that an update is available…wonder what it could be?!!!

    I refused to install it and contacted Sprint to see how to opt out of the upgrade and to get the notifications to stop. Unfortunately they told me I will keep getting them because the phone senses my software needs to be updated.

    Does anyone know how to stop the notifications?

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