Andy Rubin Demonstrates Honeycomb with Motorola Tablet, Due in 2011

Forget that Gingerbread stuff from earlier today – Honeycomb is the new hotness.  Already.  Andy Rubin, the father of Android, was speaking tonight at  D: Dive Into Mobile where he decided to show off some of Android’s future, namely Honeycomb and a Motorola tablet with the latest version of Google Maps (5.0).  Without naming the device or providing too many details, Rubin said the tablet features an NVIDIA dual core 3D processor.  He then went on to briefly run through the demo which is described as “very different, highly customized, and more ‘desktop’  in flavor”.

Andy Rubin: This is Honeycomb. And it’ll be out sometime next year.”

Walt Mossberg : “Is this a version that happens to work on tablets, or is it for tablets?”

Andy: “It’s a bit of both.”

If I were to wager a guess, I would say that this device is pretty close to final and will be the unit used to launch Honeycomb in 2011.

  • jdog

    So HTC made the Nexus One, Samsung made the Nexus S and Motorola made the Nexus Tab. Also when asked if Honeycomb was coming to cell phone he simply said “Yes”. It’s funny because I called the “Nexus Tab” being the first Honeycomb tablet with stock Android a few weeks ago and also that Honeycomb was going to be the next phone update after Gingerbread.

  • Andrew Gomez

    Pretty dang stoked about Android right now. Big choice for me right now is what phone to buy. Nexus S along with the myTouch 4G is the best right now for me…and I’m due for an upgrade through TMO. I’ll just sit back and wait for the first dualcore android available on TMO.

  • Motoxer

    Pretty much outed two Android versions.
    No wonder why old Steve felt it necessary to release new analytical reports on daily ios device sales, which supposedly show Android sales slowing and ios sales gaining. Im sure Steves shakin in his boots while the $hit runs down his legs now. And this is a desperate ploy.
    Steves childish comment’s and Android slandering do nothing but throw up a red flag screaming” I’m scared!” Sorry (‘: