October 31, 2014

Epic Froyo Update Fake?

Yesterday we told you about an Epic 4G Froyo update that was sent out to some Epic owners. Well, we’ve got an official statement posted in the Epic forums by Sprint, who claims that the update distributed was a test build, and that it wasn’t approved software for release. How it got out is beyond us, but Sprint is urging Epic users not to download the upgrade, as it may be faulty or harmful to their device. They’re still working on the official update with Samsung, but are “unable to communicate a firm delivery date”. If you haven’t installed the update, we suggest you don’t do so until further notice. Sprint tells us that when the official update is ready, users will receive a notification to download it. Check out the full statement after the break

[spoiler show="Sprint Statement"]Sprint is working on a software package for the Samsung Epic4G that will upgrade it to the Froyo version of Android.  Over the weekend, some users were able to access and download a test build (DK28) for the Samsung Epic from some 3rd party developer sites.  Unfortunately, this is not approved software for Sprint production devices and we strongly recommend that users refrain from loading it.

Software version DI18 is the current production version of software.  When new versions of software are available, users will receive a notification from Google on their device stating that an upgrade is available for download and installation.  While we are unable to communicate a firm delivery date, rest assured that we are working on a software upgrade to Froyo and hope to have it out in the very near future.


Source ComputerWorld