Evidence of Potential Video Chat in GTalk Found in Gingerbread SDK

It was only a matter of time before some of you craftier readers started digging into the Gingerbread SDK.  Just hours after its announcement, the first hidden gems are starting to come to surface.  Tucked a few folders deep are the icons for Google’s GTalk application.  One of our readers, iPaulPro, noticed the appearance of three icons that weren’t previously found in the SDK.  A quick look and one recognizes these as the video chat notification icons found on the desktop version of Google Talk.

We had heard whispers of native video chat being built into Android, but today’s news came and went without reference.  Could video chat be hidden in the inner workings of Android, waiting to be integrated?  Let’s hope so!

If you want to go to the icons yourself, you’re advised to navigate to sdk/platforms/android-9/data/res/drawable-hdpi/

  • kmobs

    Pretty sure thats part of the API for 3rd party apps to use. Just like they discussed in the promo video…

    *who knows*

  • @kmobs – I have never seen graphics in the sdk resources that were ‘meant’ for third-party use. Since these follow the GTalk naming structure and are the same dimensions, I think it safe to assume that these are icons from/for the Talk app. We shall see.

    Thanks for the mention AndroidGuys.