Google Books Announced, Gives You Millions of eBooks to Read on Most Internet-Connected Devices

It looks like the Wall Street Journal was spot-on last week with the information they dumped about Google’s new eBook store. Google has announced Google Books this morning on their blog, and it breaks into the market with many notable features.

First off, the eBook store launched and it has millions of books already available for download. There is a a”free book” section as well with many well-known novels such as Pride and Prejudice. Secondly, the are already apps available to download for Android and iOS. Other than reading on mobile devices, books are also available to read on the web.

Judging by quick impressions of the Android app and online reader, the reading experience is very simple. There weren’t many features on the Android app. This is a great start, though. Infiltrating the devices that we already have makes more sense than to sell a specific reader device only. I’m excited to see where Google takes this service over the next year.

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    December 07, 00:28 Reply

    The rumors are confirmed. Google launches ebook store with world’s largest library of titles. If we have an internet connection then we can read it easily anytime and anywhere. But I want to purchase it. And how can I buy it?

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