Nexus S Camera Shots Come to Light

Ahh, the Nexus S. A device that we’ve been drooling over for awhile, and was seen when Eric Schmidt spoke at the Web 2.0 Summit last month. Pictures have been slowly trickling in, from Engadget leaks to Gingerbread snapshots, and we’ve got a few more for you.

We haven’t heard much about the camera on the Nexus S, but these shots give us an idea of how good it is.  Oh, and just a courtesy reminder that Samsung could be unveiling the Nexus S next week, likely December 7th. Stay tuned to Android Guys for any updates on this device. In the meantime, check out the camera shots above and video below, and tell us what you think about the Nexus S camera. We look forward to reading your comments.

Google Nexus S Video Camera Quality

Source BriefMobile

  • Theweakend

    Honestly I’m not super impressed. It looks a little better then my n1 but not by much.

    • westy

      I would have to agree not impressed at all, a bit disappointed actually. I feel like they all decided not to push the cameras on phones to fast to not cannibalize their actually camera products.

  • Dara Parsavand

    This is disappointing. The video capability (!/tech-specs) is 480p not 720p as many flagship phones are doing these days. Heck, I want 1080p with a 1280×720 display running on a dual core processor with an extremely high quality still camera – it should rival the Nokia N8 (in at least the per pixel size – 8 instead of 12 megapixels would be fine). Are they going to do another Nexus next year when this type of hardware is more available? I hope so, but it probably depends on the success of this one, so I hope everyone is not like me and pretty unimpressed overall. I wish they had just waited another quarter or two.

    The pictures on this page look terrible, but that means nothing to me – they don’t look like someone is trying very hard. Plenty of site have N8 images that are pretty impressive – somebody put some care into composition. But I doubt this 5 megapixel camera even in the hands of a photographer is going to compete at all.

    Oh, and why the hell do I need a curved screen? I’m putting this in my pants pocket and flat phones fit my face just fine already. It kind of bugs me when designers put pointless features into devices and raise the cost when they could have done something useful instead (like improve the camera).

    I’m excited to see a phone running native Gingerbread, but I’m going to have to pass on this one and hope some better spec’d phones come out early next year.