Nexus S Site Has Gallery of Images and Videos to Satisfy Your Gingerbread Craving [VIDEO]

No more pining for Gingerbread.  It’s official today with the announcement of the Nexus S and the unveiling of Android 2.3 SDK.  Right after we published the press release, we started poking around the official site for Google’s Nexus initiative and came across a handful of high-resolution images and videos that show the Nexus S off in very flattering light.  Is it too early to start lining up at Best Buy?

  • Newspeak

    oh man i really want this phone ….just called tmo to see what they could tell me…checked craigslist and ebay for the going rate on my vibrant ($300)….i assume tmobile is going to offer a subsidy on the phone…i wish there was pricing info to go along with the rest

  • Alan

    Looks like a really great phone, and I want one.

    But from the pictures, the arrangement of the four hardware buttons seems strange (back, menu, search, home). Different than the Samsung S models, different than the Nexus One, different than the T-Mobile G2. Can’t we settle on a preferred order? Do we really have to try all possible permutations before we’re satisfied? My fingers will never remember…

  • Name: Mark

    Epic still hasn’t received an OFFICIAL froyo release and now gingerbread going out in a few weeks. Will us epic owners ever see gingerbread? Hahahaha only at a bakery lol. Btw nexus s will FAIL just like the nexus one, why because its only on ONE CARRIER. You’ll see.

    • Jake

      Mark, get you facts striaght… The Nexus S will NOT be linked to any carrier, so you can use it on any carrier that supports sim cards. From the “official site” link above:

      After December 16, Nexus S will be sold unlocked and carrier-independent initially through Best Buy stores in the U.S. and after December 20 at Carphone Warehouse stores in the UK.