Archos Gets Froyo’d and Rooted!

If you are like everyone else in the world, you are excited about the fact that we finally are getting some sort of choice in the Android tablet market.  We have high price range tablets like the Galaxy Tab, to the low end Sylvania tablet.

If you are looking for something right between those two options, perhaps the Archos family of tablets is for you.  To sweeten the deal, the Archos line is setup to get the Froyo update, but if you can’t wait for an official update, you can do it yourself.  Check out how after the break

The Archos Gen-8 Android Tablet line is getting the 2.2 “Froyo” update. This includes the above devices the Archos: 28, 32, 45, 70 and 101 tablets.

Your device will prompt you when the update is available. But, if you are to impatient for the froyo goodness go ahead and manually install the update.

Go to: Archos Firmware Update

Archos has a few other goodies for everyone including: setting up ADB (Archos 5), drivers, Archos API for developers in addition to the firmware section. Worth a browse even if you don’t have an Archos Tab.

One of the drawbacks of the Archos line is the absence of the Android market, sure they have Archos Market but it’s no comparison to the Android Market. If you can accept that the apps may look a little different on your 10.1 inch screen, we have an early Christmas present for Archos 101 users: How to install Android Market

Now the bad news: No official conformation yet if Archos Android 2.2 update will support Adobe Flash Player. Word around the net is that no Flash usually means the manufacturer and Adobe may have had a “conflict.” Even if it doesn’t come immediately it’s possible that you may be able to use the ADB to push the flash player .apk to your device if you are inclined to do so. There also is a large Archos root community out there if you looking to root.

Archos has now joined the club of rooted devices. (Temp Root) Right Now. Root your Archos 101, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more with Z4root 1 click root app. Download from market or Here. Hurry Google has pulled the app just recently but the developer soon put it back up, get it while you can. Have fun.

Archos users have you got the update yet? Flash or no Flash? Rooters what fun have you had? Let us know here at the Android Guys.

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  1. Guags
    December 07, 14:22 Reply

    Mine is being delivered today. 2.2 & Root should be shortly after!

  2. Yuriy
    December 07, 14:43 Reply

    Is this the temp root or perm root?

  3. Yuriy
    December 07, 14:49 Reply

    You may want to mention it’s only a temp root method, not permanent.

  4. DaveC
    December 07, 15:01 Reply

    That’s two reports on the Archos that are off the mark. The 2.2 release for the Archos tablets was released on Nov 30. A lot of users are reporting problems with it but there are many that say it’s working great including Flash. It seems that the ROM was rushed to fullfill a promised November delivery (which had been a promised October delivery). Also, it seems to make a difference on how you do the Froyo install–apparently it works better if you do a reset of the device before doing the install. As far as root goes, unless something happened in the last couple hours, Yuriy is correct–there isn’t a permanent root yet. But I would think it’s just a matter of time. The device itself is now listed on XDA!

    I have the smaller version of the tablet (the A70) and I’m staying on 2.1 for now. It does everything I want it to except Flash. Archos says that have a version optimized for their devices but they are waiting on Adobe to certify it. I’ll wait. Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly enjoying mine knowing I’m only out $275 and not paying for another bloated data plan.

    Finally, if you want good information on the Archos line, try the forums at

    • Cody
      December 07, 16:24 Reply

      Edited article and added link to keep us posted archos users. Thanks

  5. Darkseider
    December 07, 16:13 Reply

    The 2.2 update works fine for most but some have had problems like my Bro-in-law. The easy way to correct this, from the Archosfans forums, is to perform a factory reset after the update has been completed. Worked like a charm.

  6. AndroidBoi
    December 08, 07:27 Reply

    @ Cody In addition to Dave C corrections the Archos has access to the Android market with a simple installation of a apk and a reboot including gmail and the other Google apps.

  7. workwear uniforms
    December 08, 09:31 Reply

    just purchased one.. love it! anyways, keep us posted whenever you have a new article on this..

  8. Gregorio
    December 10, 14:04 Reply

    Hello Everyone,
    But the Archos 101, updated. Then tried to install the Android Market Hack but doesn’t seem to be working with Android 2.2.1, it says that it was done only for 2.1,,, Any suggestions on a procedure to get this installed in 2.2?

  9. Sean
    December 13, 14:24 Reply

    The Archos 32, and 101-8GB all updated fine from 2.1 to 2.2.
    Flash wasn’t installed with 2.2, and is awaiting Adobe certifying Archos to make it available.
    There is a newer Android Market APK hack, that works with 2.2. You have to look in various comments elsewhere for it. It installs Google’s Android Market and apps. They are work fine on the A32 and the A101.
    From the Android Market you can find Adobe Flash Player, and AIR.
    Both of those install fine, and work on both the 32 and the 101.

    Archos has done a brilliant job providing decent hardware, at a reasonable price. I’m quite pleased with my experience thus far.

    Oh and the screen on the A101. VERY sensitive, like the iPad. To drag stuff on it, BARELY touch it. Don’t mash and hold with your fingers.

    • davie
      December 26, 08:29 Reply

      installed flash player from appbrain works ok

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