Droid X, Original Droid Receive Maintenance Updates

We just got word via some PDF documents that the Motorola Droid and Droid X for Verizon are receiving system enhancement updates. No, it’s not Gingerbread, no matter how much any of us want it to be. First, the Droid X update includes:

  • Flash Player
  • MyVerizon application
  • Overall Froyo stability
  • Enhancements to Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
  • Visual Voicemail improvements
  • And some other minor features, like MP3 support and improved video playback

Now to the Droid update. It brings:

  • An updated Twitter application, Amazon widget, and News & Weather widget
  • New Gmail user interface
  • And improvements to Microsoft Exhange ActiveSync

Again, these aren’t Gingerbread updates, just small maintenance upgrades to improve some apps and fix a few bugs. The good news here is that it’s as easy as going to System Updates on your device and downloading the update. Simple, no? Instructions for the Droid X upgrade can be found here, and for those original Droid owners out there, check out your update here. If you’ve already installed one of these updates, let us know what you think. Is it faster, slower, insanely better than before? We look forward to your comments!

  • Sonny

    Been trying for 2 days now and it just say that my device is up to date. I’m running 2.3.15.MB810

    • paulm235

      Mine says no updates available also…what gives?

    • Lee

      My Droid x updated this morning, my friend just his and it says his is up to date.

  • Charlie

    Got it last night on the Droid 1. *Much* faster. Home screen used to stall before bringing up the program icons for 3-5 seconds. That’s apparently fixed. Haven’t noticed the UI updates.

    Swype broke again. I don’t know why that can’t survive updates, but I’m about to give up on it.

  • Rob

    I also have 2.3.15.MB810 and have been trying to get the update but my phone insists it is “up to date”. Looking to forward to the update.

    • Rob

      I have a Droid X

  • Mac

    Droid x running 2.2, no update available

  • Travis

    Just updated on original DROID and now I am missing Droid Marketplace, Google Maps, and Navigation (that’s only the apps I’ve noticed). They seem to be completely gone from the phone–what gives and what do I do now?! In place of where the app used to be is now a generic green app and when I click on it it says this app is not installed on your phone!! ahhhh!!!

    • Travis

      to clarify…i’m running 2.2.1 and have lost Google Maps, DROID Marketplace, and Navigation (a function of Google Maps). How to I get these apps back?! Please help! -Travis

  • Kelly

    I got an update this morning, for my Droid. It is now running 2.2.1. I am way behind the times. ahhhh!

  • Googie

    I have the orig Droid and I am “Up to date” running 2.2:FRG22D

  • AlejanDROID

    I have an iphone 4

    • Travis


    • Tom

      good luck with that. nice device. sucks as a phone.

  • Alex Hussein

    I suck.

  • Keith

    Just got prompted for it on my Droid 1 this morning. Since I’m on-call this week I might wait until next week to install it although I’m hoping it will fix my home screen lag too. If the lag gets fixed I might stop sliding down the slope of hating my phone as much as I have been lately.

    @Travis, are the maps/nav/market app icons on the desktop and in the application menu BOTH broken? You might be able to get maps back if you can get to the market. Have to tried scanning a QR code with a barcode reader to see if you can get into the Market that way?

    @Droid 1 users, have any of you upgraded the Facebook app that came bundled with the phone to the one in the Market? Is it better or worse? I haven’t upgraded it since I’ve never been prompted and I didn’t know if I’d wind up with 2 versions installed on my phone.

  • Matt

    My update finally came through this morning 🙂
    Droid X user in Ohio

  • Matt

    Now… if we could just get them to give us Gingerbread 😉