Finally! 7-Eleven’s Slurpee Gets an Android App of its Own

Ever find yourself driving around, wondering where the nearest 7-Eleven location was?  No?  Okay, let’s pretend you really need your Slurpee fix and don’t feel like using Google Maps or Search to hunt down the convenience store.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a dedicated Slurpee app for your phone?  Well, now you do.

7-Eleven, Inc. announced today that the iconic frozen, carbonated drink has its own application for Android handsets.  The app is designed strictly to help fans find nearby 7-Eleven locations and fulfill their Slurpee needs.  Aside from just providing driving directions to your closest store, the app also offers a log to users so they can track the flavors found at various locations.  If you’re a member of the Slurpee Nation reward program, you can enter reward codes, browse, and purchase items from the application as well.

“The Slurpee App for iPhone and Android is basically a ‘thank you’ to all of our loyal Slurpee fans, who are mobile and active,” said senior brand director for Slurpee Laura Gordon. “We want to provide fans a convenient way to find their favorite Slurpee drinks, no matter where they are, and easy access to cashing in their Slurpee Nation rewards points.  Slurpee beverages have been providing fun and refreshment for customers since 1967 and is committed to keeping up with consumer needs and changing technology,” said Gordon. “With the new Slurpee App it is now easier for our customers to enjoy the drink and take advantage of the Slurpee Nation rewards program.”

Download Slurpee for your Android phone from the Market for free!

  • Richard

    WOW. You’ve really lowered yourself to this?
    This is not up to the usual Android Guys standard that I expect.
    Not only does the program suck, based on user reviews, but its use is limited to specific geography making the program a non issue for many.
    Why not extoll the hidden gem in Gas Buddy if you want to find the nearest 7 Eleven. (I have no vested interst in that program
    Scott: Please tell me that Laura Gordon didn’t reward you with Slurpees or reward points.
    I do have the occasional Slurpee, but couldn’t imagine any serious recommendation giving free hype and promotion to something like this. Did your editor think it was a headline story?
    Perhaps you could recommend some site that does serious reviews and/or app comparisons. I believe many readers want that.