Does Gingerbread Have Minimum Hardware Requirements After All? (UPDATE)

It was rumored as far back as June that Android 2.3/Gingerbread would require specific hardware.  If you recall, Eldar Murtazin was the one who first made reference to the idea that this release would need certain features in order to make the cut.  Features that included a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and more.  Dan Morill, an Android guy on the inside followed a few days later, pouring cold water on the rumors.  Being that he’s someone who knows a few things about Android, we assumed it to be put to bed.  Flash forward to today when the rumor resurfaces.

The word out of LG today is that their new Optimus line of handsets will not support Gingerbread.  According to their Facebook page, the brand new series of phones does not meet the minimum hardware requirements (1GHz process0r) needed.  As some of you know, the Optimus line uses a 600MHz chipset.

Now, it is possible that the Facebook arm of LG might not be completely in the know and are only passing along six-month-old rumors.  However, it’s also possible that they do know what they are talking about and Android fragmentation could take a turn for the worse.  Or would that actually be for the better?

UPDATE: Eldar tweeted that these were not so much requirements, but recommendations. (Thanks, Kyle!)

Either way, we’re waiting to hear more from LG, and Google as to the rumors here.  In the meanwhile, we’ve downgraded the Optimus Line from Very Likely Getting Android 2.3 to May Not Get Android 2.3 on our Gingerbread Tracker.

UPDATE 2: Dan Morrill tweeted yesterday afternoon that Gingerbread does not have requirements.

  • LG is bull shitting everyone on android platform.. trying to deny all it’s phone of 2.3

    Dan Morril twitter post confirms there is no limitation to 2.3 at all

  • Tim
  • It sounds like there won’t be a minimum cpu requirement and that is good, but I’m betting there will still be a lot of older phones “left behind”.
    Ironically, this an update that could give those same phones a new lease of life. Finally in 2.3 it looks like a long-standing issue where simply touching the screen consumes 50% or more of the cpu, has been fixed (I haven’t personally verified this, but the bug has been closed:

    As a game developer i can tell you this issue is killing performance on older phones (as an example, MiniSquadron runs at 30+fps on a mytouch3G running 2.2 until you touch the screen – then it immediately drops below 20fps). The same issue is almost certainly affecting the general responsiveness of many devices.

    Here’s hoping that those older phones aren’t ignored!

  • KiLLeRKaMaTiS

    Ok, so no Minimum Processor Requirements… How about RAM?
    is 256MB safe?

  • Threeside

    Facebook arm? No arms or legs are doing anything without the brains go ahead. If that’s the requirements that’s the requirements. Like any software you don’t hold back based off of hardware. If that was the case we would be stuck with 80s computers. I push you push. It’s a technology agreement. If dell same out with a computer that wouldn’t run xp would this be a question? Or would we just think…that wasn’t a smart move by dell?

  • Ak


  • Himanshushinde26

    android 2.3 runs on motorola defy

  • Basant

    will android 2.3 run perfectly in samsung galaxy mini s5570