Android Users Love Data

A new set of studies conducted by Arieso reveals that Android users love to consume data.  According to their findings, phones running Android tend to have more data call volumes, time connected to the network, and data volume  uploaded and downloaded than iPhone counterparts. It’s not all downloading and streaming either, as Samsung Galaxy users upload roughly 126% more data than iPhone3G users.  One other detail in the report, which I can attest to personally, is that today’s smart phone users are  using their devices for data consumption more than making calls.  Arieso‘s findings are part of a white paper called “Emerging Smartphone Trends: The Next Wave in the Data Tsunami” which available upon request.

Via: Fierce Mobile

  • Courtney

    Maybe it’s because iPhone users are with AT&T which limits the amount of data most of their customers can use.
    I personally switched to Verizon because they have unlimited data.

  • Elvis

    Its also likely because android users dont just get their phones because everyone else has it… they get it because they want/need a smartphone. Not like thw average iphone user.

  • Chris Soyars

    Android users also have much easier tethering options and as Courtney mentioned, iPhone users are (and AT&T users in general) severely limited by the amount of data they can use.

  • Motoxer

    Could it simply be beause Android phones are a great and useful tools. And the web browser experience on Android, way out does iphone…

  • J

    Here’s a few other possibilities for more data usage on Droid handsets.

    1.) While I can’t say how others did their iPhone usage, I’d frequently use iTunes on the computer to download apps, and then sync them to the phone over the data cable. Same with updates, especially if there was more than 1 at a time. If I did use the phone’s app store portal, I was usually in a Wifi enabled area. Where as, with my Droid X, I have the majority of my apps marked to auto-update, and it’ll update whenever it notices an update is needed as long as I have some kind of connection, be it 1X, 3G or Wifi.

    2.) Two features the iPhone lacks – cloud sync & Backup Assistant (or is that just a Verizon thing?). As soon as I add a contact to the phone the intel is in my Google Contacts list online, or visa versa. Same with the Calendar entries, and a few other things And my phone is also set to backup my personal data over the could starting around midnight. The only time the contacts, calendar, etc are synced or my personal info backed up is when I’d connect via the data cable.

    3.) Widgets & Apps – with the iPhone there is no such thing as a widget. and I haven’t really played with the iOS multitasking, but … on my iPhone 3G, basically the only way to have data transmitted is to actually use an app. The only way I knew if there was a movie in a redbox near me was if I opened the redbox app & checked. But the other day I was near a box & the phone beeped at me… Or the iPhone would only check in with The Weather Channel when I opened the app, but with the Droid, I’ve got a widget that updates every hour or so. Plus the facebook widget, the twitter widget, etc all doing their thing as well…

  • drnoi

    Simple Answer to the high Android bandwidth consumption:

    Android loads unnecessary Flash Advertisements. Flash Advertisements and Flash Videos don’t need user interaction to consume bandwidth. Nearly all the websites I go to have some kind of Flash player embedded. These Flash objects consume 100k to 500k each time a page gets loaded. When you couple in the webpages and flash objects together, you get an abnormally high usage compare to just plain-jane HTML + pics.

    Bottom line:
    Android + Flash = crazy high bandwidth usage.
    iPhone – Flash = very low banwidth usage.

  • I use about 4.5 GB a month I have flash on demand setting so it does not load unless I want.

    What I do have is 7 widgets that all use data and are set to update fairly regularly.

    Widget and multitasking is why Android uses more Data then our iOS counter parts.

  • john

    There are data limits in the uk set by service providers which isn’t helpful when using phones like the dell streak which use up data even when the phone is left in an idle state!

  • extremely well

    All the reasons others mentioned make sense. I can add that in my experience, Google Navigation wastes a crazy amount of data (it’ll be better with Google Maps 5.0 vector-based mapping) as well as the less-mature apps in the market that require constant updating. Probably on iPhone people either don’t know or don’t care to update apps as often. Likewise the average Android user is simply a heavier technology user than the average iPhone user — that means more hours in email and surfing and experimenting…