Is the Galaxy S Getting Gingerbread? Samsung Can’t Say for Certain

We’ve seen our share of corporate speak and PR mumbo jumbo before but Samsung might have just become the current king.  When asked by Pocket-Lint whether or not the Galaxy S would see Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’, the handset maker replied with a very vague, albeit technical technical sounding answer.  After reading the entire response a few times, the best we can gather is that they are still looking into the matter.

“In case a new version of Android operating system is publicly announced and released, Samsung will review the possibility of implementation of such new version to the existing Samsung products with Android operating system (“Update”).  Such a review will be based on various factors including, without limitation, the overall effect of such Update to Samsung products, the system requirements, the structural limitations, and the level of cooperation from the component suppliers and the software licensors.  If Samsung decides to make the Update available to the users after such consideration, Samsung will use its efforts to develop such Update, which may be released to the users upon successful completion of such development.”

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just say, “We are evaluating Android 2.3 for the Galaxy S” ?

As far as the US iterations of the Galaxy S, we can only hope that Samsung and the respective carriers are working to push 2.3 out the door in a timely manner.  Timely as in soon, not timely as in how Froyo has (not) been rolled out.

  • Terry

    I bought Samsung’s first android phone, and now refuse to purchase any other Samsung products. They refuse to let users know what’s going on regarding updates, and when I wrote and asked what was happening regarding those updates I was told to buy their newest handset to get the new version of android. After months and months of waiting, I eventually bought an HTC Desire.

  • Steve

    We’ll never get anything past froyo (if we ever get froyo)

    • We have froyo…

      Connect your mobile to samsung kies to upgrade to froyo.

      (If this doesn’t work try using a different country version of kies)

  • meanmcclean

    Yawn……….. More than likely, a cool, non-Touchwiz version of 2.3 will be available by 1/1/2011 for Galaxy S devices.

  • PhineasJW

    This (and all the software delays from other manufacturers) should be all the proof anyone needs to strictly buy phones only from the “Nexus” line — at least if you ever want to see the latest OS’s.

    • or G series. G1, G2, etc

    • Noel

      Except in this case buying the Nexus will be supporting the same company that is currently screwing you over.
      How does that make sense?

      • Anderlc1

        But in the Nexus’ case, it’s Google’s current annointed phone…meaning, it will get all the updates as soon as they are released.

  • Teddy

    Samsung posted something similarly vague and stupid on facebook.

    Basically, it means that they don’t want to commit to anything! Hopefully, the Nexus S and the Galaxy S are similar enough so that we actually get GB and even HC from good old XDA.

    Samsung have just managed to get a good Froyo out (albeit still with some lag) after all this time… why would I want to wait for their (poor) efforts if vanilla GB can be had!?

  • Cckeeler

    What a joke, first and last samsung phone I will purchase.

  • BigC_13

    “We’ve made a phone that is nearly identical to our Galaxy S line, but we’re not sure if we can put gingerbread on the Galaxy S, because despite working closely with Google on gingerbread, in order for us to to put it out on would make our three programmers come off their year long coffee break”

  • maggs

    I switched from iOS to Android in the hope of less restrictions being imposed on the user. I think I’ve jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. Google has made a real mess with the Anroid rollout with respect to allowing every phone manufacturer to butcher the code and make the OS phone specific and now we have all this fragmentation between makes and models. I can’t even update my Galaxy S to Froyo because Samsung hasn’t released the update for my country yet and there is no word if and when it will. This is why users get frustrated and use unofficial rooms and jailbreaks to get what should be a simple matter of downloading the new OS and installing it. Unfortunately companies like Samsung have no idea what is really going on and worse still, they appear not to care enough to bother and keep their customer informed.
    Totally pathetic Samsung!

    • Anderlc1

      Google has allowed every phone manufacturer to butcher code and make the OS phone specific because Android is Open Source. It’s free for everyone to use. While I agree there is quite a bit of framentation, it was Google’s intent to create this OS for everyone to use the way they want to use it. When you decide what phone you buy you’re deciding who is going to give you your updates, it’s up to them. If people want to have guaranteed updates, then you buy the phone from someone who promises to give you updates (ie. Google and the Nexus line). If you don’t buy from the untainted Google phone line, then you’re at the whim of whoever you buy from, just like aything else you buy.

      It would be nice if Google would force manufacturer’s and cell phone companies to update when there is one available, but then you would be asking for Android to not be open source.

  • Snake

    We won’t see froyo at all, il bet anyone for that lol

    • rick

      Running Froyo right now on my US galaxy S (vibrant) thanks XDA.

    • james

      running samsung froyo update… son samsung galaxy s i9000

      just connect it to samsung kies to upgrade firmware.

  • John

    Simple solution….
    Stop buying Android phones at all until Google gets there act together with what they allow the carriers and manufacturers to do.

    • that sounds great but that defeats the purpose of android. Just dont buy sammy anymore. HTC has been pretty good with updates

      • Michael

        I have an HTC Hero that shipped with Android 1.5 in August 2009. First we were told that we would get 1.6 soon, but they skipped that and wanted to ship 2.0 instead. They also skipped that one and we finally got 2.1 in June 2010. That doesn’t look pretty good in my book. Now I’m happy with a third party firmware, FroydVillain (Froyo).

  • gad

    For me HTC any day. They know what it means to care for their customers

  • Josh

    I threw a fit at T-Mobile for my Cliq being 2 versions behind so they sold me a Vibrant at a discount price and now the stupid Vibrant is 2 versions behind, do I have to keep buying new phones t get a software update? Android is really starting to suck for me, Im getting sick of trying to defend it over the iPhone.

  • david

    this will be my last samsung phone!!!! should of bought an evo!!!!

  • james

    Shades of the original Samsung Galaxy.
    Two words: HTC updates

  • Cam

    HTC is just as bad. I waited almost a year to get upgraded from 1.5. They delayed the update 3 separate times.

  • John

    You know that even if Samsung doesn’t release it officially that people on XDA will port it over to be used as a custom ROM. My Vibrant will have Gingerbread come hell or high water, and it will be better than a stock release because the brilliant people at XDA will tweak the shit out of it.

  • David Plimmer

    Q: Whats the difference between a group of Samsung programmers and a group of retarded monkeys?

    A: The monkeys are more likely to get Froyo out, and out on time, for the Galaxy S.

    Q: Whats the difference between Richard Nixon and a Samsung marketing official?

    A: Ones a dishonest lying bastard, and ones a….oh.

    Q: Whats the similarity between a gimp, kept tied up in the basement, and a Galaxy S customer waiting for Froyo 2.2?

    A: They both weep uncontrollably as they are bent over a barrel and shafted.

  • Stoffel

    [quote] You know that even if Samsung doesn’t release it officially that people on XDA will port it over to be used as a custom ROM. My Vibrant will have Gingerbread come hell or high water, and it will be better than a stock release because the brilliant people at XDA will tweak the shit out of it.[/quote]

    Exactly, if updates don’t come for your phone, get a custom ROM. I’m lucky to have a Nexus One so I’m happy with the updaterate .

    • Dillon


  • Robert

    Samsung is selling millions of Galaxy S phones. Let’s see how the next 2 years go for them. There are a lot of unhappy customers out there writing a lot of scathing posts. I love my Captivate. Haven’t had the problems others seem to have. But, it seems Samsung just doesn’t care about it’s customers. This will be my last Samsung product.

  • Dillon
  • awoken

    From Samsung: u guy want the update? Buy the new phone 😉
    Come on customers, help us reach our goal of selling 330 million units in the near future!! Once we reach our goal, we’ll send you an update 😀

  • monokoter

    I don’t know why everybody is so impatient. Buying phones is like the stock market, you need to know when to buy and sell. I bought my captivate because its versatility. Not like the iPhone or the HTC with the same old screens and gets rather boring after awhile. So give Samsung a break and stop fearing change.

  • Amey

    We got Froyo for Galaxy S when Gingerbread was out. So we can expect Gingerbread when Honeycomb will released! 😛

  • dave

    geez people, the galaxy phones are the holy grail for samsung right now, to not provide updates would be a poor business move and cost them great amounts of revenue. i figure it this way, even if we get froyo, you guys will bitch because you dont have gingerbread. when we get gingerbread you will bitch because you dont have the next OS. You are acting like 5 year olds. If you really want 2.2 or 2.3, go to XDA and get a cooked rom. 90% of the devs there provide periodical updates to their roms so you should never be “without” the next coolest feature. Or, download the samsung kies software for the uk, (or whatever country has a language you are fluent in) and and install their 2.2 update.
    everyone wins! But this issue aside, i would hope that samsung decides to bypass 2.2 altogether and go straight to GB. but beggars cant be choosers. my 2.1 fascinate with the lagfix installed runs like a f***ing champ. use setcpu to change the cpu to a performance index, and autokiller memory manager to set the memory manager to extreme and shazaam……2200+ score on benchmark quadrant. lol