Samsung Shoots for 330 Million Phones in 2011

Samsung is doing pretty well these days. First their Galaxy S line of phones shot them to the #1 manufacturer spot, and then they sold a million Galaxy Tabs in just over a month. Not bad, eh? It looks like Sammy recognizes this, as an unnamed Samsung official was quoted saying that Samsung has an “internal goal” to sell 330 million phones in 2011. This is a significant jump from their estimated 280 million devices sold this year.

While some analysts predict only a 7% increase in sales, Samsung is all in, aiming for an 18% increase. Of course, they’re not required to meet this goal, but it’s nice to have aspirations. Props to Sammy for shooting high on this one.

Source Electronista

  • awoken

    Then they better bring faster software updates to their phones. The Epic hasn’t even gotten Froyo yet and Gingerbread I already out. Falling behind the Evo… let’s hope that Samsung’s products’ quality doesn’t drop as they try to reach their goal in sales volume. Spread and lose focus… or stay tight and focused.

  • I have had my new Samsung Intercept Android phone since 11/30/2010, I have had nothing but problems with it since I got it. Too many to even list…even simple things like receiving calls, the touch screen is totally messed up. Plus, to boot, Sprint screwed me over on my plan within a week. Original plan was to only cost me $50 a month, then a couple of days later, I get a bill with a totally different plan, that costs $70 a month, & they say they can’t find my original order I placed over the telephone to their help center when I got the Intercept & the $50 a month plan. I am so pissed about everything, especially how most my pics will no post on fb, the reason I upgraded to the Intercept in the first place, I do believe I am sending it back, cancelling my contract and never getting another Samsung Droid again. I am also not dealing with Sprint phones & service providing ever again either.