Sprint Not Planning Tiered Data Plans, Yet

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse was in the hot seat earlier today with Walt Mossberg at the Dive into Mobile conference.  When pressed about the carrier’s plans to offer a tiered data plan, Hesse said they aren’t planning to change things up.  This should put Android users at peace, if only for a little while longer.  As other providers begin offering different buckets of data at various price points, fears are that Sprint would join the party. The entire conversation is definitely worth a read as other topics include Clearwire, the value of 4G, and why Sprint chose WiMAX over LTE.

  • Lumpia

    Clap, Clap. This will defeat the damn reason I’m still with Sprint. Sprint’s $69 Data plan was the only reason I didn’t turn to Verizon. As far as plans go Sprint was custom tailored to me. Its 2010 and people don’t need a $69 Verizon unlimited voice and text plan – its DATA and text. I text more than talk nowadays and the Any mobile with the included 7pm nights made my 450 voice minutes (with free roaming) seem more than enough. I know Sprint didn’t get the Nexus One, which I wanted, so they can differentiate themselves with the other guys so let’s keep that spirit alive in the plan choices we have. If everyone had the same phones for sale and plans, then carrier choice is just dependent on call quality/ coverage. This is why taken as a whole you can’t really compare iapple’s to iapple’s with the carriers and they need an ACE up their sleeve.

  • Michael

    Likewise, this is the main reason I switched from ATT and an iPhone 4 to my Evo and android. Are the terms able to be changed at any time or am I grandfathered in somehow, similar to how I was when ATT eliminated their unlimited data plans?