Zedge Discovery Network Launches, Aimed at Independent App Developers


Zedge has officially opened the doors up to their Discovery Network, which aims to level the playing field for independent Android developers. Many of you may already be familiar with Zedge as they’ve been a big name in the ringtone and wallpaper game for years. With over 30 million unique visitors a month, they have learned what it is that users are looking for in their smart phones. Taking everything they know into consideration, they decided they could help put the best stuff in front of users.  The new Discovery Network should benefit consumers, but more importantly, the smaller development teams.

Developers will be able to access the service with a flat monthly fee determined by company size. Space is limited at this time, but the beta period is open to any and all interested developers.  A word for advice before you go – Zedge has a pretty strong set of guidelines to keep the crap applications and cookie-cutter stuff out.  For those of you who participate in the beta period, Zedge will provide three months access at no cost.  For further information, please visit the Zedge Discovery Network.

Feel free to use the following invitation code to sign up: Getdiscovered

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Android App Developers Invited to Beta Test New Zedge Discovery Network

Zedge Targets Independent App Developers with Flat Fees, Fair Rankings

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zedge, a leading mobile content discovery platform with 30 million monthly unique visitors, invites Android app developers to promote their apps on Zedge. Android developers will now be able to participate in an app promotional network that does not prioritize based on pay per click or pay per download. Rather, it utilizes fair and open rankings available to all developers and not just those with deep pockets to pay for promotion. Space is limited, but initial entry during the beta period is free to all developers who are accepted.

“Independent app developers are creating the most astounding, brilliant and innovative apps for Android, only to get buried by less impressive output from commercial production shops with big marketing budgets,” said Zedge’s Co-Founder and President, Tom Arnoy. “The Zedge Discovery Network offers developers a better world….a true meritocracy where the best apps will flourish. In other words, apps that the Zedge users want but have not yet been able to discover will rise to the top of our platform.”

The pricing model is as unique as the offering. Developers will be able to access the platform for a flat monthly fee per app based on company size, complete with a 10 day free trial period. Developers who participate in the beta prior to launch will also receive three months access free. Developers may cancel at any time.

“We have established a pricing system that will encourage independent developers. The industry standard pay-per-click and pay-per-download pricing models have created a stifling ecosystem that rewards deep pockets and quantity rather than quality. Our approach, on the other hand, rewards quality and creativity. We expect to accept only good and relevant apps into the network,” said Mark Rosner, CEO of Zedge, “and we’ll be able to provide Android developers with access to a large, carefully targeted and highly engaged user community.”

For further information, please visit the Zedge Discovery Network.