Howard Stern Set to Come To Sirius XM App Thanks to New Deal

One complaint we’ve heard about the Sirius XM application over and over is that it lacks the Howard Stern channel.  “How am I gonna get my Baba Booey fix with this app?  Fail.” is typical of the emails we received after we first posted about the app back in the summer.  It is a fair argument to make when the application offers more than 120 channels but doesn’t offer the one you want.  Things are changing, thanks to Stern’s renewal with the satellite service.  As part of his five-year deal, Howard Stern has okayed both the Android and iPhone apps as well as streaming online.  No word on how soon the mobile versions will see the update.

Via: AndroidCentral

  • Rob

    They were saying on his show today that you could receive his show via the “app” starting Friday. That isn’t the official word just what they were saying on the show. I don’t know if they need to update their Android app. Right now I believe the current app updates channels when you start it up. Maybe we will see the new Stern channels starting Friday without the need for an app update. One can only hope.

  • Jess

    As soon as someone knows for sure about the exact time that Howard 100/101 is officially up and running and streamable from the iPhone app, would you be so kind as to post this info ASA u possibly can… I know I am not alone in wanting to receive this info absolutely ASAP… Am anxiously awaiting as my entire sirius vehicle system as well as sirius home boombox took a sh*t on me 2 days ago…so have been streaming online.. but currently have no way of listening to him while on the go all day, everyday…

  • sfbay

    Howard Stern on the iPhone? Gee, how did that get by the apple censors?

  • JASPER933

    It is about time.

  • Dr. Fill

    As a fan, I want to gloat a little bit before the snobs put in their comments.

  • ammarie

    They have been streaming Howard online for awhile…..I’ve missed it though as my office blocked sirius streaming media. Psyched for the BB app!

  • brian

    check your apps…its on android sirius xm app now

  • Dan

    Yessss, I am listening to Howard as we speak.