LG Commits to Gingerbread for Optimus One Series


You can go ahead and put away the pitchforks and torches.  After putting a scare into folks earlier in the week with talks of hardware requirements, the handset maker has committed to Android 2.3 for their Optimus One series of phones.

LG will upgrade all Optimus One smartphones currently using the Froyo OS to the next version of the Android OS, Gingerbread. Details of the upgrade schedule will be announced locally in due course. We sincerely apologize for the confusion and misunderstanding that was caused regarding this issue.

This is means all those low-priced Android phones like the Optimus T at T-Mobile will be supported with at least one major update.  No word on how soon this will take effect, but we’re glad to add them to the list of known devices.  Keep an eye on these, and other handsets, with our Gingerbread Tracker!

  • Lex

    LG also said that the Ally was getting 2.2 and that isn’t happening. So, don’t believe ’em until it actually happens.

  • Edward

    Would the Optimus S be granted such privilege?

  • bousozoku

    Considering that my Optimus S is around 2 weeks old, I’d hope that LG and carriers would work together to make the updates happen. Otherwise, a number of people would be within their return policy limit to return the phones, causing the carrier some grief.

    There may not be money in it, but it would certainly turn people against LG and possibly keep people from buying their upscale phones, if they ever distribute them for sale.

  • LEE

    I want to upgrade my Optimus Q beyond Froyo!!!!

    I really really want Gingerbread!!!