Preliminary Playstation Phone Benchmarks Aren’t Great [VIDEO]


The first set of benchmarks for the upcoming Playstation Phone have arrived and they aren’t stellar.  Engadget was passed a new video of the phone getting put through its paces, finding it averages out to about 24.4 frames per second.  Not all that impressive when you consider their Nexus S demo yielded 55.6fps.  However, it should be noted that the phone is not official, nor do we know if the software and hardware configurations are final.  Having said that, let’s hope the gaming phone does better when it’s announced.

  • MrChaz

    The tegra based viewsonic also does poorly in neocore but does well in a q3 bench. Maybe it’ll be the same here. See anandtech for details

    • Rob Parker

      Yes – as I think MrChaz is hinting that – I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it said in other places before that Neocore is written BY a certain graphics chipset maker and is very specific to their chipsets, and hence will run badly on anything else – meaning that a lot of the headlines and stories I’m seeing on the various Android sites and Engadget are, well, a load of rubbish ;). (“Preliminary trials reveal new microwave doesn’t keep food frozen”)

  • rovex

    Neocore was always a load of rubbish, even on the GPU it was written for. Its completely useless as a benchmark.
    This is Sony, the phone will probably use some proprietary system for game development thats over burdened with DRM and other useless rubbish.