Santa Knows You Want an Android Phone

There’s a really neat little service available from Google (Voice) that makes it possible for Santa to call your friends and family.  After filling out a quick form with information like names, relationships, favorite foods, and location, a recording is generated which can then be shared via phone, email, or social networking (facebook, twitter).  One of the more  interesting things I found in the list of options was under the spot where one chooses what “gifts” Santa should bring.  Right near the top… an Android phone!  I found it funny that there are no other cell phone related items to choose from, not even the blanket “phone” option.

What are you waiting for?  Send your iPhone friends a call from Santa today!

  • Michael

    This doesnt work so well. It doesnt recognize names as simple as ‘Sam’ forcing santa to say Samantha even win specifying it as a boys name. Also froze up when trying to send to a Cell phone number.

  • pnx

    love it

  • Mete is better, IMO…