Ekahau Mobile Survey Launches Android App (for people who have money to burn)

Software developing house, Ekahau, has launched a network survey app that allows users to map their networks, show problem areas and see connected clients.  Here is the description from their site:

Analyze and Troubleshoot

Want to know how your Wi-Fi network is performing, end-to-end? Just open Ekahau Mobile Survey on your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll get comprehensive analysis on Wi-Fi coverage and connectivity details – in super-easy, graphical form.

See your Infrastructure On A Map

Ekahau Mobile Survey displays your network infrastructure layout and its current condition, overlaid on a graphical map*. Even the largest sites with multiple floors and even buildings become easily manageable, with your personal mobile device. You’ll pinpoint AP locations and configurations, and see their current statuses!

Sounds like a pretty nice app, and Ekahau thinks so too as they are selling it for $299.00 via their own purchasing page. With that price point, the app certainly falls into the market for IT directors and Tech professionals, not so much the home network enthusiast.

It is good to see, however, pro level apps being developed with Android in mind.

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  1. recluse
    December 11, 05:07 Reply

    How about a cheap version for us mere mortals?

    • Hermit
      March 22, 19:16 Reply

      There is a free version, very similar

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