Google Apps for Archos Available Via XDA

The XDA Forums site is reporting that forum member Dreetje has made it possible to install the Google Apps package on Android powered Archos tablets.  A quote from the posting on XDA:

For those of you wanting Google Apps for your Archos Gen8 tablet, XDA forum member Dreetje has posted a link to where you can download gapps4archos.

If you own an Archos, head on over to XDA for a full list of instructions on how to install.

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  1. Chris
    December 10, 13:26 Reply

    Google Apps for Archos Gen8 have been out for months… They are from users on, someone just posted it on XDA, Dreetje is just hosting it, he didnt make the file. users M4rk3t and Kenyu73 are responsible from bring Google Apps to these tablets. M4rk3t has done with a few times with the Archos line of Android tablets.

    • Yuriy
      December 10, 16:25 Reply

      I second this indeeed.

  2. rossfuz
    December 10, 20:15 Reply

    i installed this on my archos 28 and archos 32 and it caused many problems. install with caution

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