Google Demos Maps 5.0 on Nexus S [VIDEO]

The official YouTube account for the Nexus S was just updated with a 2-1/2 minute walkthrough of Google Maps 5.0.  Using the new hot Android smart phone, we get to see all the features in the upcoming Maps release, including the 3D buildings.  If you are newer to Android and have seen the latest versions of Maps offers, this is a great place to start.  If you are considering picking up an Android phone, this demo will surely help convince you of the prowess behind the Nexus S and Google’s Maps. Video after the jump!

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  1. Ryan
    December 10, 18:50 Reply

    The video is partially covered by an annoying Google Places add, which cannot be removed.

    • JaylanPHNX
      December 10, 19:34 Reply

      It should be coming to all 2.2 and above. Maybe even 2.1, but I’m not sure.

  2. AMV
    December 10, 21:30 Reply

    The article lists the phones which includes the Samsung S. That is still on 2.1.

  3. Dara Parsavand
    December 11, 11:48 Reply

    I ran into the same rendering bug. Workaround is to go directly to youtube: where you can discover (under explore) the Google Maps video (and others).

    As far as the Maps program itself, they didn’t demo the one new feature I’m most interested i seeing: how you do loading for offline use and what features are available in offline modes (rerouting, etc.). This was the single feature missing from Android that had me considering Meego (I haven’t given up on it, but Nokia is not impressing me with their delays of their first Meego phone – I can’t wait till May/June). If Google does let you download large regions of data (say 100s of square miles around LA in my case) to your phone (preferably your PC and then sync to your phone the regions you need at the time), then Nokia lost the only software edge I know of on Android right now. They still have one hardware edge – they make the phone with the best camera available. I look forward to the first Android phone with a camera that can compete with the N8.

    As far as the Nexus S goes, it’s nice to see more video of how snappy it is – not bad. But still, the lack of an expansion slot, and HSPA+ means I’ll probably pass.


  4. Kevin
    December 11, 17:25 Reply

    Other articles indicate Maps 5 will come to 1.6+ devices, but available features will vary by hardware capabilities.

    I wonder if they’ll get around to doing major updates to the Maps API. It’s frustratingly inadequate for developers, and delivers a limited experience to end users.

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