MessagEase 2.0 Goes Global


Billed as an alternative Android keyboard, MessagEase is announcing via press release today that their app is going global with translations for eight languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic. Claiming to be faster and more accurate than typing on a Qwerty keypad, MessagEase uses fewer keys to allow the user to speed up the typing process.  Check below for the full press release and let us know if you try this free download out from the Android Market.  How do you like having a keyboard that only has nine buttons?

Press Release

Android’s Alternative Virtual Keyboard, MessagEase V. 2.0, Goes Global

Belmont, CA, December 10, 2010

Exideas, Inc. the company behind Android’s alternative virtual keyboard, MessagEase, has just released version 2.0 of its patented virtual keyboard that includes optimized layouts for English, Spanish, French, and German, as well as keyboards for Japanese (Katakana), Hebrew, Persian, and Arabic. MessagEase 2.0 is available as a free download from Android’s Market.

Faster than QWERTY and more accurate than any other small-screen virtual keyboard, MessagEase’s patented design sports fewer and larger keys. MessagEase’s keyboard has only nine keys. Two or more letters are assigned to each key; the nine most frequent letters assigned to the center of keys are entered with a tap, and the less frequent letters are entered with a directional slide or drag. Letters and characters are positioned based on statistical frequency, so that the movement of the typing finger is minimized.

“The release of our first version of MessagEase for Android generated a remarkable enthusiastic response. Many texting in other languages urged us to publish the optimized keyboard for their language,” said Saied Nesbat, Ph.D., President and CEO of Exideas. “We are Happy to announce that now V. 2.0 Of MessagEase for Android supports eight languages and alphabets. We are working on Korean, Hindi, Cyrillic, and a few more!”

MessagEase’s novel keyboard layout looks radically different from QWERTY and it may look strange at first glance, especially considering that you can enter almost all special characters using one of nine keys of the main keyboard! To ease the learning curve, Exideas has also released “MessagEase Game,” a free Android app that guides you through five graduated levels of the keyboard, leading to the championship level; perform well at this level and you can upload your score to MessagEase’s Global Score Board (MEGSB). Currently the top 50 scores on MEGSB range between 21 to 46 words per minute.

In addition to speed and efficiency for small touch screen devices, MessagEase also offers a unique and unrivalled advantage for the tablet computers and Internet TVs. Since typing with MessagEase requires a relatively small screen area, it offers a practical alternative to QWERTY on large screens or on touch tablets computers.

About ExIdeas:
A privately held California company, Exideas specializes in Computer-Human Interface and is committed to user interaction innovation for the mobile devices.

  • newspeak

    I may not be giving it a chance but it seems kind of slow might be better at it as soon as i memorize letter positions but thats true of any keyboard

  • Canon

    Much prefer swype for speedy texting. The HTC default keyboard is very good. The thing about other keyboards on android is that accuracy doesn’t matter so much, it just gets it right most of the time almost magically. I didn’t get that from this messagease.

  • There is an “iPhone”-like keyboard in the Market. I am fastest with that.