Rovio to Ring in New Year With In-App Purchases in Angry Birds


The mega smash hit that it is Angry Birds has now eclipsed 10 million downloads for Android.  Offered as a free game, the developers (Rovio) have been making crazy money out of the ads displayed in the app – crazy to the tune of a million bucks per month.  So what’s next for the game?  How about being able to pay to remove those little ads?

Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka, speaking in a live-streamed press announcement, indicated that in-game purchases will start in Finland shortly and then hit the rest of the world in the new year.  The system, called Bad Piggy Bank, will not use credit cards for purchases.  Rather ,the user will see the charges on their mobile phone bill instead.  We assume this means the Mighty Eagle will coming shortly! Rovio also plans to make their in-app platform available other Android developers down the road.

How much would you pay to remove the ads in Angry Birds?  Or does it matter to you at this point?

  • dp

    1 milion a month!

  • Lex

    I’ve never once seen an ad while playing Angry Birds or Angry Birds Seasons. Weird.

  • klop

    I use adfree android and a hosts file and I don’t get ads in angry birds.

  • gad

    Thank God,those of you who always moan about the Ads in the apps can now pay for it.

  • RockinEvo

    That is an impressive numbers, not hard to believe

  • Jaymoon

    There are ads in Angry Birds? As another user of Adfree, this changes nothing for me.

    I would still gladly pay for an official ad-free version, just to support Android development though.

  • mark

    The moaning is due to how intrusive the ads are. I have not upgraded to the newest angry birds due to the feedback. I downloaded seasons, and can see now just how much in the way they are. And the newest comments are mentioning full-screen ads?
    I don’t think anyone is honestly against the devs earning money. But it would be nice for them to offer a paid/premium version. Anyone know why they aren’t?
    If the full-screen ads are true, then it seems like the devs are going out of their way to make the product unusable on the Android platform. They’ve mentioned in the past the Android users expect everything to be free, and it seems like they’re trying to make a point.
    Not meaning to sound like I’m complaining. Love the game, but I’ve backed up the original version and will not upgrade until a premium is available.
    Also, does AdFree require root?

  • Wow that is what you call a nice little earner, them birds are worth too damn much haha just copped the seasonal birds too 🙂