Sprint Telling Techs to Flash Epics With Leaked Froyo Back to Eclair

An anonymous tip has just come in from the world of Sprint PCS. Rumor has it that Sprint is, unofficially, telling its technicians that if a Samsung Epic comes in for repair running the leaked build of Froyo, they are supposed to flash it back to Eclair (2.1).

I’m not exactly sure how legal that is, especially considering the fact that user data could be lost in the process. Perhaps this is only being done to users who would be getting their phones wiped anyway during the repair process (a common occurrence).

On that note, there’s still no word on when Froyo for the Epic will actually get released. I guess the wait continues…

  • Chris

    No, it’s not legal unless they specifically stated that they will do so and then give you the opportunity to then back everything up first.

    Take your computer in to Futurshop or BestBuy (not sure why you ever would) and you need to sign a waiver that either you need to have your data backup up (which is then a ridicules price) or sign that you DO NOT have any sensitive data and they can re-format everything if needed.

    • Jeremy

      It is legal. Sprint has people sign a piece of paper saying that the phone may be reset to factory default. Also, contacts and stuff on the memory card are not affected. Also Also Also, if someone takes a phone in with an unofficial rom and it gets flashed back, that’s better than them refusing the warranty work because the software isn’t supposed to be on there. And, every site I have ever seen that posts leaked roms warns people of the danger.

  • Lumpia91791

    To be the devil’s advocate, at least they are fixing the phones. Everyone know’s the risk of loading unofficial roms on their phones. Correct me if i’ wrong but doesn’t all these phone insurance/service policy’s include some tiny print about not messing with software? If if was the froyo rom causing problems they your phone is crap anyways without an eclair flash. I’m against this only if its a non software issue that has to be fixed. Don’t forget to aways READ something you are given before signing it blindly.