Where in the World is HTC?

Their tagline says it all, I guess.  HTC has been quiet alright recently.  Since the release of the G2, we have not heard much from the manufacturer as far as Android is concerned.  We saw this past week that Samsung has taken over the top spot as the largest seller of Android handsets recently, but it seems that this may a short lived rise to the top for Sammy.

Electronista is reporting today the HTC is look to ship 60 million smartphones next year, three times the amount they sold in 2010.  A quote from the Electronista article:

HTC may be planning to triple its sales and challenge companies like Apple and RIM for the top spot in smartphones, industry sources reported on Friday. It has supposedly told part makers to supply enough for up to 60 million smartphones in 2011. The tally Digitimes heard would be a major leap over just 20 million estimated for this year.

The firm may have grown confident after taking on a slew of new executives headlined by its Chief Operations Officer Matthew Costello. It would have a better chance at taking on rivals with stronger control over shipments, the sources implied. HTC may have shown the info along with a 2011 roadmap at a summit involving its suppliers, giving away the reasons for its confidence.

What about the tablet that HTC is NOT working on? Does that figure into this figure of 60 million? I think we will see much from HTC during the upcoming CES event. I for one would like to see HTC be a little louder with their brilliance.

  • Terry

    Samsung’s product and customer support is shocking, and for that reason…. I’m out.
    I was really wanting the nexus-s too, until I found out it was a Samsung.

    Oh… and I’m first I believe 🙂

  • Andrew Jones

    Personally I would be happy if HTC are being extremely quiet because they are currently working extremely hard ensuring my HTC Desire (aka Bravo) is being prepared for Gingerbread.

  • chazeman

    HTC should let us know if and when they’ll be releasing Gingerbread to the Evo 4G sprintphone and all there Android phones.

    • Chuck Barnard

      I also agree with Chazeman,as I own a EVO also. In my opinion,the HTC EVO would truly make a mark with Gingerbread!!!

  • missinglink69

    I hoping HTC is work on the Nexus 2 for 2011, I’m not yet give up on HTC. The Nexus One is a solid phone and I hope Google and HTC is not with their business.

  • JaylanPHNX

    Quiet since the G2? What’s the myTouch4G, chopped liver? Where’s the respect for one of the best phones currently on the market?

  • bnd87

    Take note that 60m devices does not necessarily mean 60m Android phones.

  • boriqua2000

    all i want from HTC is a dual core EVO4g with a super amoled display and a dedicted camera button.pretty please.

  • Dale

    I have the HTC aria and I have been waiting for FROYO,WHERE THE HELL IS IT.Not being able to save apps on SD card is crowding my 512mb cone on get with it

  • I’m hoping HTC 2 for 2011 work on alliances, I am not yet at HTC. A strong relationship with phone and hope that your doing business with Google and HTC.

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