New Photo Shows HTC Knight Keyboard

Remember the HTC Knight (aka Evo Shift 4G or Speedy), that’s headed for Sprint? Well, we’ve discovered another photo that gives us a good look at the keyboard on the Knight. Someone in the SprintUser forums posted the above picture of the device with the keyboard out, and it does look pretty nice. It’s a staggered QWERTY keyboard with what looks like rubberized or perhaps plastic keys, and a D-pad. We think it’s about as big as the G2’s keyboard, to give you an idea of the size. Along with the keyboard, which I think we’ve talked about enough, the Knight is rumored  have:

  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 8MP camera
  • 3.7-inch Super LCD screen with 800×480 resolution
  • WiMax
  • and Froyo

The screen size is worth mentioning twice, because it may be that “sweet spot” between 3.2-inch and 4.3-inch screens. 3.2 is just too small for most people, but not everyone wants a small tablet in their pocket with a 4.3-inch device.

The Knight/Evo Shift 4G/Speedy doesn’t have an official release date as of yet, but January 6th is what we’ve been hearing for awhile. We’ll keep you in the loop if any more news on this device comes to light.

Thanks to our friends over at AndroidAndMe for the tip.

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  1. Tim
    December 12, 19:17 Reply

    WiMax? This would be the perfect device for me if it didn’t force me to pay the stupid $10/mo surcharge for something I won’t ever be able to use in my area.

  2. Anon
    December 12, 22:03 Reply

    Please… put the D-pad on the left. That would make gaming so much more enjoyable.

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