Feel Like a Millonaire With the Luxury Edition Galaxy Tab

Chalk this one up in the “Why in the world?” column.  Samsung has announced a $1000 version of their Galaxy Tab device at the latest “Millionaire Fair” in Amsterdam. For $1000, you would expect that you would be getting some special, limited feature that the other versions of the Tab don’t have.  In reality, the kit that you get is a bluetooth handset, and a leather sleeve.  That’s it.  That’s all.  Nothing else spectacular, special or “must-have”.

If you are a millionaire, by all means, buy this version of the Tab, otherwise there is not much to see here.

  • Rene

    On the news I heard it was heavily pimped with crystals to give it some bling.

    • Gerry

      Yeah, liquid crystals I think.

      • Hasan

        LOL. Good one!