Multitouch Huawei S7 Pops Up In Video


Huawei hasn’t been the best with tablets as of late, but they might be turning it around soon. Check out this video of the Huawei S7, an Android tab that’s running an unknown version of Android (most likely 1.6) and it has multitouch. Now, multitouch may not be that uncommon for us, with our Evos and Galaxy Tabs, but this is one of the higher end Huawei tablets we’ve seen with multitouch. Hopefully Huawei doesn’t contradict the whole thing by using a resistive touch screen. Only time will tell.

Source UberGizmo

  • Elvis

    So are they owned by Symantec or something? I ask because a company just moved into my building named Hussein Symantec… maybe they got bought out or something? If that be the case, hopefully it means they have much better funding now and thus, will have better products 🙂 we can only hope for some more competition to heat things up hehehe