Verizon Considering Family Data, Android Kills Verizon’s RIM Sales

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal reported on by DailyTech, Verizon CEO Daniel Mead talked about the fact that his company may be open to exploring a shared family plan data charge, he gave an interesting reply:

When asked whether he would consider family plan pricing for data, Mead responded, “We’ve shared voice minutes and text messages for the family. I think it’s fully in the realm of possibility in the not-to-distant future to be able to start thinking through the options … That’s a vehicle to get there.” He called it “account-level pricing.”

As both my wife and I use Android phones, we have two data charges which I would love to see folded into one lower rate.  It will be interesting to see if Verizon leads the way with carriers on this kind of pricing plan.

The article went on to talk about the fact that 80% of Verizon’s smartphones sales last year were for Android devices, demolishing RIM and their Blackberry line.  I am interested to see if RIM makes a comeback with this holiday season, but I think the writing is on the wall, RIM is in some trouble.

  • Timothy

    We have no contract with Verizon and I refuse to sign one. Whoever offers a family data plan first will get all my business. (5 phone lines + data).

    I think they should also offer a phone + text only plan for smart phones where you only get data over wi-fi.

    • That’s exactly what I want. No data. WiFi only.

      • Prasad

        Recently i got MyTouch 4g from T-Mobile and opted for thier $10/200MB data plan.
        At CostCo it is only $99 and you also get a car charger+bluetooth+pouch for free…

  • anon

    It would be nice if they took this a little farther with an “All Devices” plan. i.e. you pay a certain amount for unlimited data for a specific number of devices. Then my phone, tablet and maybe even car one day can be covered under the same plan.

  • Andy

    Doesn’t sprint already offer this with their “everything data family” plan? My wife and I both have Evo’s and we for $129/month we get pretty much unlimited everything. The individual data plan requirement is the exact reason why i left verizon, their plans were not competitive anymore…