Barnes & Noble: No Plans for Android Market on NOOKcolor

We were contacted by a representative this afternoon regarding the alleged NOOKcolor update due in January.  As we feared, the news was too good to be true.  The NOOKcolor is not getting the Android Market as part of any update, nor has one been announced for January.  We heard at launch time that B&N were going to offer their own apps and distribution model for users and that is still the case.  However, don’t look for access to the 100,000 strong library that handsets currently enjoy.

As we learned on day one, Barnes & Noble is committed to their own Nook Developer program which may be an entirely different and yummy experience.  Having said that, hackers have been able to do all sorts of wonderful things to this device already.  If you’re still bent on getting the Market app and titles on the NOOKcolor, there are ways.

  • Google will not allow tablets to use the Market yet. What’s more they have the tablet producers on NDA about it. To be more accurate when asked about “no Market”, one tablet maker exec said something like, “We understand your concerns, but I can’t talk about that, because Google has us under NDA.” So the situation appears to be mostly secret. There are three things that I don’t understand:
    1) If true then why is Google letting their partners take the blame?
    2) If Android is as free as they say, and owned by the OHA, then what leverage does Google have? Sure they own the Market, and that’s enough leverage to choose who distributes it, but not enough to make people promise to be quiet.
    3) Why are people criticizing particular tablets, when none of them currently are allowed to distribute the Market?