Chat and Push Notifications Come to Facebook App!

Two highly sought after components that have been missing from the Facebook for Android app have arrived.  Chat and push notifications have arrived today, bringing the mobile version that much closer to its web-based counterpart.  Head off to the Android Market to grab v1.5 immediately and get your mobile chat on!  Oh, and if you cared, there are also some bug fixes as well.

Now that these two features have been integrated, what’s next?  What do you still consider to be missing from the Facebook app?

  • When will we be able to tag photos!? Gaaaah! Or am I being really thick, ‘cus I can’t work out how to do it?

    MAJOR element that’s missing me thinks!

    • Pandalero

      Nope, can’t tag photos. Nor can you post them to a friend’s page… iPhone app can do both.

      • maxnicks

        golly jeepers ifanboy! I better rush right out and buy me an iphone jackass!

        • ThePhysician

          Calm the Hell down, man.

          Did he say anything favouring the iPhone? No, he didn’t. He stated facts about what we’re still missing from our Facebook app.

          Yesterday, if I would have said “The Android Facebook app is still missing chat” would you have lost your shit like a little child at me for being an iPhone fanboy?


  • soulashell


  • mr dobalina

    still only 3 options for notifications is bad & still no tagging!! also the photos stream thing needs to go from the bottom of the options page

    chat is ok tho 😀

  • steven

    How come the app still has a refresh interval if it has push notifications?! I smell a rat!

    • Under the covers all push is implemented as polling. What makes it push is that it looks like push. I once had a bad pitch experience when an enterprise vendor claimed “No clients to install, because we use push.” Everytime they claimed “No install. Read what Garntner and Forrester have to say about us.” I said, “No way. You absolutely need to install a polling client to do push.” They got the guy that designed the system on the line, and he showed me how it worked. Even after proving that they installed a poling client without the user’s permission the Sales folks said the same thing! Talk about staying on message! Thanks for reading this digression.

      • There is a version of discussed here that is about keeping a connection open, so what I wrote isn’t always the case, but it is often enough to really muddy the definition of “Push”.

        To be sure: I was representing the customer in my story. I do not get contrary when I am on a pitch. Watch me destroy my career with one post!

  • jturnbow

    I’d like to be able to change my profile pic.

    So that feature and if push and chat actually work I’ll be very happy with the app.

  • NeoteriX

    Steven is spot on. This isn’t “push notifications” if there are intervals.

    Interestingly, the app now does have C2DM permissions which would lead one to believe the existence of push capability…

  • Poodz

    I tried the chat and it was working well. Then i went to another app to look something up, went back into facebook and the app had to reload EVERYTHING. So my wall, then push facebook logo to load menu, then push chat and wait 30 seconds to load who is online, then click the person to see my chat history empty. Nice.

    And push notifications don’t work. And if they did what would you set it to? Push every half hour? I wonder if steve is paying mark…


    Back to ebuddy.

    • bousozoku

      It took a while to get the iOS version to where it is today. If everything is in Android, I’m sure they’ll get it to work, but just not today. It’s obvious that they’re working on it. I wonder a lot, comparing apps from each operating system, if functionality has yet to be added to Android. Apple was missing a lot until version 3.x.

      Considering the row between Apple’s new Ping network for iTunes and Facebook cutting them off, I’d have trouble believing that Facebook would do anything for Apple.

  • iy

    Looks like they screwed up with Push…..there is no Push option

  • bob

    groups still dont work – they should fix before adding

    • Ryan

      Groups work for me now, only done a basic test though. And yeah I think the push notifications is just for the chat part :/ hopefully shouldn’t take to much work to add proper push notifications now.

  • schwiz

    sharing via intent ACTION_SEND is STILL BROKEN!!!! WTF this is just dumb! I can’t believe they don’t have this simple feature working yet.

  • sky

    I’m not sure if I just missed this but.. image tagging

  • they still have the stupid 30 message limit per thread, and it’s upside down. meaning that instead of giving me the newer message, they show me the old ones.

    What the hell Facebook developers, how hard is it to change in your query from ASC to DESC?

  • LurkingWolf

    sooooo……push notifications work….. Just not for me. When my friend logs in to fb thru my app on my phone, he gets Instant Notifications for Everything (comments, wall posts, etc.) But it doesnt work for me. I checked his settings and theres nothing different than mine wtffff