GameLoft HD Goodies Galore

Hey all you gamers out there, did you catch the buzz that Gameloft has some new HD games?

Droidgamers reported earlier in the week that Gameloft let is slip that there were some new things underway.  After the smoke has settled, we can now verify that the Gameloft mobile website is being updated with the new games and there is a new option to pay with Credit Card instead of SMS.

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While ios games still dominate the Gameloft site, there are now 11 titles available for Android devices, and if these rumors pan out, we will see many more!  Head on over to to check it out.

  • schwiz

    Since gamesloft knows how much you enjoy paying via credit card as an added bonus they will charge it 4 extra times! Kick ass!

  • Theweakend

    If they are so concerned about piracey why don’t they just make their own app store and release their games though that? At least that way we could still get them through the app market. Personally the while this is silly but I would buy them if there was some way to update them automaticaly.

    Sorry if this isn’t relevant but it’s just an idea I had the other day.

  • Until they get their act together or start releasing on the Android Market, a big NO THANKS.

  • Dan

    Agreed, no more Gameloft for me until market releases. Once bitten, twice shy.

  • Jon

    Just wanted to through out a buyer beware. Gameloft has a very strict no refund policy. I recently had my phone stolen and before I was able to change my market password the thief purchased a bunch of market products including ones from Gameloft. I cancelled all the orders but game loft is the only company that has outright denied a refund. So, just make sure you really want a Gameloft product before you buy.