Personalized Recognition Added to Google Voice Search for 2.2+

A select group of Android users will find that a new version of Google’s Voice Search awaits them in the Android Market today.  Users will now have the ability to toggle on personalized recognition within the app so that it can learn how you pronounce and enunciate words.  Yes, you specifically.

Available to Android 2.2 users in the United States, the updated app supports English today with plans of more countries and languages in the pipeline.

It is expected that the tweaks will start out slowly and improve over time, learning the subtle difference in how you say picture versus pitcher.  This algorithm would surely improve Google Voice transcriptions down the road were it to be implemented.  If you’re a privacy hound and find yourself having second thoughts, you can disable the feature with a press of a button.

  • Anon

    In Canada: I was able to update the app, and have selected “english US default” but still did not get the option to use this feature…

    • Nyx

      I’ve got the same problem, Anon. I guess they somehow recognize our Canuckistanian heritage.

  • Gary

    Very nice!
    Just got it!
    I will have to test it out tonight.

  • James

    Headline says “Google Voice”, when app updated is in fact Google’s “Voice Search”. Can’t imagine how you’d mistake those two 🙂

  • SW

    personalized recognition not listed on my phone.
    Artix : android 2.2.2