Watch All of Andy Rubin’s Dive Into Mobile Interview [VIDEO]

We’ve seen the pictures and the abridged clips.  Now it’s time to watch the entire interview.  Hit the jump to watch Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher chat up Andy Rubin from last week’s Dive Into Mobile session.  You’ll laugh. You’ll cry.  You’ll get insanely jealous because of a Motorola tablet!  If you haven’t kept up over the last few days or so, Andy discusses Android 2.2 and 2.3 as well as Maps 5.0 and all the other business stuff in between.

  • What is this 1995, the video embed is the size of a postage stamp, smaller then the ad below it!

  • 1) These people aren’t able to remove bloatware, which is not difficult.
    2) They don’t understand what it means to compile code.
    3) They are completely unable to talk to a Google person with talking nonstop about Apple. Why are they making-it Andy Rubin’s job to promote the iPhone?

    Andy Rubin is too nice to say it, but Google, as money-centered as corporations must-be, supported Android as a response to Uncle Steve’s need to control everything.