Google Opens App Inventor Up to Everyone

Google has taken its Android App Inventor out of private beta and released to the world.  What does this mean to you?  Well, if you’ve got a great idea for an app but don’t have the technical prowess to write the code for it, App Inventor should help.

Created as sort of a “What you see is what you get” tool, it lets users focus on bigger picture stuff while the heavy lifting is done for them.  

Effective immediately, anyone with a Google Account can log into App Inventor and get started with their own killer apps.  Do not be fooled by the landing page still shows the option to request an invitation – It’s open to one and all.

This year, give everyone a homemade Android app for Christmas!  Nothing says “I love you, mom” more than an app that literally says “I love you,  mom.”

  • Simple but powerful!! So Google’s new App Inventor ought to give just about anyone the tools to easily knock out software designed in particular for their own needs, and will make the process very much easier than on the iPhone.

  • Google never learned from their past mistake. They became very successful OS provider to lots of mobile phone companies; they should just stick to it. And now, they are trying again to compete with their clients like Motorola and HTC. I hope Google will have the decency to realize that competing with your own clients is really bad for business.

    • Dorian

      You are clueless.

    • Ratnok

      What are you talking about? How does app inventor compete with phone manufacturers? oh that’s right, trolls don’t have to make sense.

      • MEvo

        lol totally agree with that statement, this is use to learn how to make apps either if you already have or don’t have knowledge writing applications. By all means if you don’t want to use the app don’t and let the others enjoy another apart of android community that allow us freedom to do what you can/want with our devices

  • Great news!

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