Android Helps fring Earn $10,000 Per Day

Fring, the first company to offer video chat for Android, has been doing rather well for itself lately.  As some of you know, the app launched with the HTC EVO back in the summer and has continued to evolve, adding new features as recently as last week.  We received an email from them today touting the successes they’ve seen since integrating fringOut some two months back.  So just how well is fring doing?

The developers are seeing about $10,000 per day in revenue thanks to the ability to call regular landlines and mobiles for as low as 1¢ per minute.  Compelling stuff for potential developers to think about, considering this isn’t a game like Angry Birds!

  • I have and still do use Fring on my phone for text based chatting, but I did get the email today or yesterday in regards to the advancements in their video chat capabilities. Will it come to the stage whereby the network providers eventually are just internet providers, and calls and texts are done through 3rd party’s like Fring and Skype, as my call and text usage of my phone company contract is diminishing by the month.

  • Canuck

    Given that they’re offering $0.01/minute call to landlines, I’d be more interested in their net revenue *after* payments to carriers.